5 Tips to Develop the Characters of Your Science Fiction Novel

What do you think is the most crucial element of your story? Do you think it’s a plot? If you do, you might want to think again. In fiction, a story definitely needs a plot. However, there’s one thing that drives the whole tale— the characters.

Along with other elements of the story, your characters will always have something to do when grabbing your readers’ interest. The setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution are all driven by the characters. It means that they are the ones that give life to your story. In terms of writing sci-fis, the author must encompass some other genres for it to be enticing. It means you should not only focus on the topic of science alone. It would be best if you incorporate other genres. You can do this successfully through your characters. One good example of a book wherein you can see great character development is The Madhouse Project by Rick Badman. You can also learn a lot of writing techniques from it. It would be best if you check the book out before starting to write your sci-fi book.

If you are writing your own sci-fi novel right now, you need to focus on your characters’ development. It would help if you made sure that your characters are intriguing enough. This is one of the best ways to play with your story. The process of writing for this genre can be a dreading one. This article will help you during your journey in writing your science fiction novel by giving you tips on developing your characters. See the points below and incorporate them to come up with a successful book:

The Main Character Must Have Strong Personalities

Creating a memorable story requires you to craft memorable characters. Characters should capture the interest of your readers. The chief character should always have to capture their hearts while antagonists should always provoke rage. You can do this by making sure that you have already established strong personalities among them from the very beginning. It will also be helpful if you also make all the other characters that readers can meet more than once memorable. You can make use of dialogues to make this possible. Dialogues are great to show a character’s emotions and actions, how they interact with others. 

The Point of View Must Fit the Storyline

Choosing the right voice for your sci-fi book is one of the essential parts of your pre-writing decisions. It is because it needs to be consistent throughout the book. Aside from the dialogue, the character’s point of view dramatically impacts in making the readers understand how the characters feel. You can either choose the first person or third person point of view. If you choose the first person, you connect with the readers. When it comes to the third person, you can write from a broader perspective. Both voices can apply in sci-fi. You can choose either. On the other hand, the second person point of view engages the reader effectively; this is better used in non-fiction.

Create Interesting Obstacles 

One way to engage your readers to read the whole book is by putting exciting conflicts between the protagonist’s goals. It’s the obstacles that add fire to the narrative. You want the readers to feel for the main character, especially in the aspect of sci-fi. They will expect that adventures are dominant. 

Develop Support or Secondary Characters

Readers somehow get a unique connection with support characters. Of course, you always want to meet the reader’s desires. Thus, you give them what they want. You can create a secondary character. It can be the sidekick of either the protagonist or the antagonists. You have to make sure to describe him charmingly. He can be witty, funny, and sweet. This way, they will be interested in knowing him more. You can have a chapter or two dedicated to him. Give him a background story, just like how you would do with the main characters.

Paint a Picture of How a Character Looks 

To stimulate your readers’ imagination, you might want to be really good at descriptive writing. You have to describe the setting, as well as the characters in the most specific way.  You can describe their look with the way they dress, their hair color, and mannerisms. This way, they will have ideas on what the world looks like. 

In conclusion, writing sci-fi can be dreading. Nevertheless, after you have finished the whole thing, the feeling is like no other; one of the best feelings in the world. Hopefully, you have gained insights on how you can develop your characters from this article. Always remember to enjoy every moment of the process!


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