Those who are pessimists think the worst is around the corner.  An optimist thinks something great is around the corner.  A realist just sees a corner and expects anything to happen.  As a Christian, I can’t help but be both a realist and an optimist.  We are going to experience the worst times this planet has ever experienced.  Most of the people in the world are going to die during a seven year period call the Tribulation.  That will be when China and its allies will fight a 13-month war that will eliminate 1/3 of the world’s population.  It won’t be a nuclear holocaust because that would be insane.  But nations will use nuclear weapons during that time.  I believe Iran will launch a nuclear missile toward Israel that will be destroyed probably over Syria.  Russia will invade Israel and be destroyed.  It will take seven years to bury the dead and destroy the weapons.  The Antichrist will come to power during a world economic collapse.  He will be a ruthless world leader.  He will even demand to be worshipped or be punished with execution. The weather will kill people too.  The period will culminate with the Battle of Armageddon.  

     But after that brutal nightmarish seven year period is out of the way, there will be 1,000 years of world peace.  That is why I am optimistic about the future.  God created the world and only He can destroy it.  Global climate change will not destroy the world.  Neither will nuclear annihilation.  Even though 1/3 of the world’s fresh water supply will be poisoned and all life in the ocean will die during the seven year period, the world will recover.  Life won’t be ended by an asteroid either.  I look forward to a millennium of peace and progress after the seven years of Hell-on-Earth.  

     Here is what I would like to have happen during those 1,000 years.  Whether it will or not is up to God and mankind.  I’ll break it down into centuries.  

     THE FIRST CENTURY:  Cleaning up the damages seven years of tribulation will cause will take years.  But I expect it to happen rapidly.  Before we are half way through the century, the major cities that survive will be better than they were before the Tribulation.  We will see the erection of stratotowers that will be vertical cities often  over ten miles tall.  If the threat of earthquakes ends by then, the danger of collapse will be lessened.  

     We will have colonies on the moon and Mars plus an extensive underground tube system beneith the earth that will allow people to travel around the world at hypersonic speed.  The Experiencable Program Networks will allow people to experience others, places, and programs around the world.  The world will become a planetary community. 

      THE SECOND CENTURY:  Hyperlight physics will allow us to travel to the stars and do so much that people will think they are God.  Travel throughout the solar system will allow people to work anywhere and we could have the first trillionnaires thanks to technology and the mineral wealth of the Kuyper Belt.  

     Teleportation systems and field acceleration stations scattered throughout the solar system will allow people to travel from one end of the solar system to the other with as much ease as driving a car today.  

     THE THIRD CENTURY:  We could have over 10 billion people living comfortably on the earth and over 10 million living off of the earth.  If there is a moon base on the back side of the moon as rumored, the moon will be alive with activity.  It will be a part of an interplanetary network of planets and systems that will cooperate on many things.  

     On earth, possibly a billion people will live underground.  100 million will live in stratotowers. A few million will live underwater.  Some of the largest cities of the world will have populations in excess of 100 million people.  Food replicators will provide more food than farms to prevent starvation.  Once we have easy access to the vast sources of underground fresh water, thirst will not be a problem like it is today.  

     THE FOURTH CENTURY:  Thanks to field towers on Mars, much of the Red Planet will have a breathable atmosphere that will allow people to walk outside without a spacesuit.  There could be over 10 million people that will call Mars home.  

     THE FIFTH CENTURY:  Terraformation of Venus and other bodies in the solar system will allow people to call their home somewhere other than Earth.  We could have over a million people living outside our solar system by then.  The Kuyper Belt will become like the Old West or the Klondyke where fortunes are made and the mineral wealth of the system will move manufacturing plants to the outer part of the solar system.  

     There will be organizations similar to the Federation.  But planets outside our solar system will provide the leadership.  But being from Earth won’t make those that admit it ashamed of where they are from.  We will be gaining respect throughout the galaxy.  

     THE SIXTH CENTURY:  Hyperlight physics will allow us to travel to other galaxies and even travel beyond the borders of the known universe.  

     THE SEVENTH THROUGH TENTH CENTURY:  Immortality will be common even for those that are not Christians.  Almost anything will be possible and with God’s help, missionaries will travel throughout the universe spreading the gospel and seeing the conversion of trillions of people from non-Christian worship to the worship of God.  It will be an incredible time beyond even my imagination.  

     Don’t believe people who think mankind is doomed. I am confident the best is ahead for us.  I will never write an end-of-the-world story or book if I can help it.  I write about fantastic futures because I expect incredible things to happen in the future.  I may not be correct on the details.  But I believe the best is yet to come.    

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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