Author’s Note: 

Bill was a better person than me because when I was in the same situation, I allowed a woman to expose herself to me. I didn’t have sex with her. But if I hadn’t been brought up right, I might have. 


     Bill had many thoughts flash through his mind as he drove to Tanya’s house. From the way she slurred her speech on the phone, he knew she was a bit drunk. He was too nice a guy to take advantage of her. But he knew she needed someone to be with her to prevent her from doing something she might regret or worst; commit suicide.  


     She wasn ‘t exactly the type of woman his parents approved of. But they were living a few states away and he was experiencing a desire to help someone in distress. Maybe if she saw how much a gentleman he could be she wouldn’t try to have sex with him. Hopefully his upbringing would keep him from doing something he would regret.  


     He pulled into the drive and parked a couple feet behind her sedan. The lights were on in most of the rooms of the small house and when he walked up the sidewalk, foot lamps were activated by motion sensors. Loud music was blaring from a few houses away which was slightly louder than the music he heard coming from Tanya’s house.  


     Bill rang the doorbell and moments later he heard the locks being opened. The door slowly opened and a slight woman wearing what looked like a long green tee shirt looked up at the man and smiled.  


     “Thank-you for coming over so fast,” she said softly. “Please come in.”  


     Bill couldn’t help but notice the woman had no bra on. But he tried not to stare because he was too much a gentleman. At least he kept telling himself that. He also couldn’t help but notice her shapely bare legs and feet. But he attempted to look her in the eye as he talked with her.  


     After pulling her hair from her face, Tanya asked, “Would you like something to drink? I’ve got beer–oh that’s right. You don’t drink. I’ve got some soda and bottled water.”  


     “That’s all right. I’m not thirsty.”  


     Tanya walked over to the radio and turned it up a little.  


     “I’ve liked this song since I was a kid. Dance with me. Nothing wild. Hold me.”  


     Bill reached out to her and she grabbed him around the waist. She drew him close and pressed her bosom against his chest. He rubbed her back gently. He turned his away from hers and 


     “Kiss me,” she requested.  


     Bill pressed his lips against hers and touched her tongue against his. The alcohol on her breath was nearly intoxicating. But he didn’t ingest and kept his wits about him. He turned his head away. 


       “What’s wrong?” she asked.  


       “Nothing. I don’t like the taste of alcohol.”  


       “Excuse me.”  


     Tanya walked to the bathroom and swished something in her mouth and spit it out in the sink. She soon returned and kissed Bill again. The minty mouthwash covered the taste of alcohol sufficiently. She continued to dance which was more like shuffling than fancy footwork. Bill almost had to hold her up to prevent her from collapsing.  


     “Why are you really here? Are you here for a little action or something?” she asked skeptically.  


     “You needed to be with someone tonight and I’m glad you called me. I might be several miles away but to be with you it’s worth it.”  


     “Are you just saying that or do you mean it?”  


     “I don’t lie. Being honest helps me keep my stories straight. If I tell you you’re beautiful, I mean it.”  


      “You’re saying that because of these,” she said before she grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. 


     “I wouldn’t care if you were flat-chested. You have a lovely face. I see tenderness in your eyes. I wish I had met you earlier.”  


     Tanya collapsed onto the couch and pulled Bill down on top of her. She began kissing him and stroking his back.  


     “Why would you care about me?” she asked. “We have little in common. I’m originally from Costa Rica and I heard you say you were born in Indiana.”  


     “That’s right. I lived there until I was a teenager and then moved to Missouri for a few years before ending up here in New York. You remind me of a girl I knew in Indiana. Her name was also Tanya. She’s probably married with children by now. She used to hang out with another girl named Jamie. They were both gorgeous girls; especially in bikinis.”  


     She began to pull up her “dress” and was about to expose her naked body when Bill pulled it down before anything could be revealed.  


     “You don’t need to do that,” he told her softly. “Don’t treat yourself like a prostitute. I care about you and what’s inside your soul.”  


     Tanya shed some tears and said in a quivering voice, “You’re… sweet. I wish more guys were like you. I’m so glad we met in your church. I was about to stay home last Sunday. But my friend Susan had invited me to come and I couldn’t turn her down. I didn’t know why you sat down beside me.”  


     “I wanted to be your friend. Why else would I have given you my phone number. I’m glad you gave me yours.”  


     “I took a chance that you wanted to talk with me because I normally don’t call guys I don’t know too well. I’m surprised you weren’t asleep.” 


     “I stay up late usually. I wouldn’t even be thinking about going to bed at this time of night.”  


     “I can’t believe you don’t want to at least feel me up.”  


     “I’m a decent guy. I wouldn’t go to church every Sunday and Wednesday night if I wasn’t one. I don’t want to take advantage of a beautiful woman. I couldn’t forgive myself if I went too far.”  


     “Do you really think I’m beautiful? Guys tell me that so they can have their way with me.” 


     “I truly mean it.  I’m not like most guys. Believe me,” he insisted. “Wanting to go to bed with someone cheapens a relationship. I want to be your friend because I like you. Call me if you need to talk with someone. It’s better if you did it late like you did tonight.”  


     “I’ll do that.”  


     Tanya began to pull down her dress to expose her breasts.  


     Did she do it or did Bill show he was a true gentleman and not allow her to expose herself in a lustful way? It’s up to a writer to decide.   

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