“Captain, why has Poseidon caused the wind to blow us out into the Western Sea beyond all lands?” asked a seaman to Captain Justin of Londinium.  


     “Do you have any enemies back in Britania that would wish you ill?” 


     “We all do. Be more specific.”  


     “Have you enraged a Druid that can cast a spell upon us?” 


     “I met a wench in Wales before we cast off that claimed she was a witch. I treated her decently for fear she would cast a spell upon me. Maybe she resented her wages.”  


     “How much did you give her?” 


     “Three pieces of copper. Maybe I should have given her a piece of silver.”  


     “It’s too late to change our fortunes.” 


     “Do you think we will reach land before we run out of food and drink?” 


     “How much water did we capture last night during the storm?” 


     “Enough to fill all eight empty urns that used to be filled with wine. We can reduce our intake to one urn every couple days.” 


     “And food?” 


     “Thank the gods we have fishing tackle and nets aboard the ship. Just this morning a few of the men managed to haul in enough fish to last us a week. So we won’t die from thirst or hunger. At least not for a couple weeks.” 


     “I’ve heard some stories about a land to the west of here that has an abundance of trees for lumber and natives that are fierce warriors. They don’t have metal weapons like we do. They also don’t have crossbows. So if we keep our distance, we should be able to withstand native attacks once we reach land. If we can maintain the fire, we will be able to cook any game we kill.”  


     Another seaman rushed into the cabin and said, “Captain, a heavy fog is about to overwhelm us. One man claimed he saw something huge in the distance that looked like a ship. But it was larger than the ark written about in Jewish religious writings.”  


     The men left the cabin and rushed to the bow of the ship to try and see the monstrous vessel someone claimed was coming toward them.  


     “There it is,” cried one of the seamen. “Is it real or are we dreaming?” 


     “It is large and looks to be made of metal. I pray to Poseidon that it misses us,” said the captain.  


     Suddenly, a metal shaft with a glass at the end pierced the surface of the ocean beside the Roman ship. Some of the seamen thought it was the eye of a sea monster. So they grabbed their swords and spears and jabbed at the object. Seconds later, the shaft with its glass eye slowly slipped into the ocean while the giant metal vessel kept coming toward them.  


     The speed of the ship was faster than the wind that had filled the sails of the Roman ship less than an hour before the fog began to roll in. Men in green cloth uniforms lined the deck high above the ocean. A name on the side of the ship that no one could read since it wasn’t in Greek or Latin was QUEEN MARY. The ship passed less than 30 cubits from the Roman ship and produced a wave that rocked the smaller vessel as it vanished into the fog bank.  



     I don’t know if the ships were in the Bermuda Triangle like the Santa Maria was when people aboard a 20th freighter saw it and Columbus saw the freighter and wrote about it in his log. If it did happen, I wonder if crewmen from the freighter are willing to talk about seeing the Santa Maria again. If my story happened, I wonder if any German U-boat captain would admit to being beat off by Roman seamen on a ship that hadn’t plied the waves for the last 1800 years.  

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