“But we haven’t caught anything all day,” said the kid to his grandfather. “Why is this your lucky spot? I bet you’re just saying that to keep me from getting bored.” 


     “Is it working?” asked the old man who was intently watching his bobber.  


     “Not really. I hate fishing. It’s stupid.”  


     “If you were hungry and this was your only source of food you wouldn’t think it was stupid.”  


     “But I’m not hungry. I could be doing better things than drowning worms.”  


     “Like what?”  


     “Anything but this. My friends are probably swimming in the public pool right now. I should be with them. I don’t know why Dad had me go out with you today.”  


     “He told me you need to learn some patience. Is it working or am I wasting my time?”  


     “You’re wasting your time.”  


     “He thought you would say that. Let me tell you a little story about why I consider this my lucky spot.”  


     “I guess when the fish are yawning because they’re bored we’ll hook them.”  


     “Do you want to hear the story?” 


     “If I say no, will you stop talking?” 


     “Your dad told me you might say that. So I’ll tell you the story anyway.”  


     The kid stared at his bobber and tried to think of something more interesting.


     “Your dad was with me that day. He was a little younger than you. But I bet if you asked him about that day, he’ll remember it like it happened yesterday.” 


     “He told me the story already and I still don’t believe it.”  


     “It was on a day like today when we saw her. She told me her name was……” 


     “Shara, Sherry, Shirley. It doesn’t matter.”  


     “Her name was Shara. She told me her home was below the bottom of the lake. I didn’t want to believe her because who can live below the bottom of this lake?”  


     “Her story is as fake as you are old. I’m not a two-year old. I won’t believe you just because you’re an adult.”  


     “I know it’s hard to believe. But it actually happened. Your dad and I were fishing here when we saw some bubbles popping up. Seconds later, she appeared. She looked a little frightened, as you would expect. But after I told her we wouldn’t hurt her she began to smile and told me her name was Shara. She was an Auquaran and she and her people lived below the bottom of the lake in Auquara.”  


     “Did she have gills? Only fish live in lakes.”  


     “I think I might have seen some small ones on the sides of her neck. She told me we were welcome to accompany her to her home to meet her family. But it was over 100 feet down and we couldn’t hold our breath that long. She told me she would go down and get us a couple breathing devices that would help us breathe underwater. But before she came back, a storm whipped up and lightning started hitting the lake. We barely got back to shore before the clouds opened up and a torrential downpour started.  

     “We came back hundreds of times hoping to see her again. But she never showed up.”  


     “And she never will. Are you sure she wasn’t a mermaid? I saw a movie about a couple sisters that were mermaids on one of the cable channels. They were hot.”  


     “Show some boobs and you think any girl is hot. She looked like she was maybe 14-15 at the most. She would probably be the same age as your aunt Mary.”  


     “Maybe she has a daughter my age. I just hope she doesn’t look like Flipper,” he kid said sarcastically.  


     As he was saying that, bubbles appeared on the top of the lake.



     Will Shara and maybe her daughter pop up to the surface? Maybe you will find out by finishing the story? 

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