“She’s a bitch,” said Tim to his friend Bob as they rode their bikes down the highway.  


     “I know she may seem like one. But I think deep down she is insecure and doesn’t know how to act around people like you and me.”  


     “You mean nice guys. Why do you like her so much? You two have nothing in common except you breathe the same air.”  


     “She looks……you know……hot. Smoking hot.”  


     “And she’ll burn you if you get too close to her,” he warned his friend.  


     “I’ve seen the way guys look at her. I know what is on their minds.”  


     “Sometimes I imagine I’m one of those guys.”  


     “So do I and I’m ashamed of myself for thinking like that.”  


     “You said she’s smoking hot. I would expect you to think like that unless you’re…..you know.” 


     “I still don’t like it. She needs someone to care about her for being her; not an object of desire.”  


     “If she didn’t flaunt her assets, so to speak, maybe guys wouldn’t think like they do. How do you propose getting close enough to her to  have her notice you?”  


     “I know she likes to hang out with other girls like her. I think they’re afraid of her.” 


     “And for good reason.  Her tongue is a lethal weapon. She’ll leave you bleeding on the ground. My advice is for you to forget about becoming her friend. She doesn’t need you or want you.”  


     “I like the challenge.”  


     “I’d like to fly to the moon someday. But that ain’t going to happen. You want to fly to Mars in a simulator. You’ll get closer to the Red Planet in a simulator than you will to Terry.”  


     “We’ll see.”  


     The next week at school, Bob managed to catch a glimpse of Terry as she walked down the hall with her friends. He would stare at her for a few moments before continuing his journey through the hallways of Jefferson High School.  


     One day she noticed that he was staring at her. She stopped and shouted out to him.  


     “Hey, what are you looking at?”  


     “I’m sorry. You look nice today.”  


     “Say something I don’t know. Are you some sort of a pervert?”  


     “Of course not.”  


     “I hope you’re not one of those types of guys.”  


     “What do you mean one of those types of guys?”  


     “The type that likes to say they’re a girl so they can beat the pants off of real girls at track meets and then stare at them in the shower. I’m glad I don’t run track because I’d get them hard real fast if they looked at my perfect body.”  


     “I don’t want to think of you like that,” he said, a bit embarrassed.  


     “So  you’re one of those types of guys. Just get out of my sight,” she commanded.  


     Bob walked to his next class.  


     Later that day after the last class of the day, Bob decided to hang out in the stands at the football stadium while kids were running and jumping during track practice. He heard a commotion underneath the stands and went to investigate. He saw Terry arguing with a boy.  


     “I heard what you said about guys like me. At least my friend Chuck heard you talking to that Bob guy.”  


     “He’s nobody. You here to see your girlfriend Chuck out there?” she taunted him.  


     He began choking her and muttering expletives as she struggled with him. Bob ran to her rescue and pulled the kid off of her. He punched the attacker in the face a few times and in the gut before he ran off.  


     A few moments later, Terry scolded him with, “I’m not a damsel in distress that needs saving.  I could have handled him. He wasn’t so tough.” 


     Bob grabbed her and began kissing her hard. She struggled for a few moments before giving in.  



     I wonder if the nice guy will get the girl in the end? Maybe you can find out.   


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