The helicopter landed on the highway in front of the car which stopped immediately. Steve tried to back up the car, but a man holding an AK-47 jumped out of the chopper and pointed it at the trio.  


     “Don’t even think about it,” the man yelled. “Get out of the car and come here.”  


     The trio left the convertible and walked toward the helicopter, uncertain what was ahead for them. When they were about ten yards from the craft, the man said, “We were only supposed to pick up you and your sister. Who’s your friend?” 


     “I’m Mav–I mean Marvin. I was just tagging along with them.  Is this a kidnapping?” 


     “No, we’re taking you to a birthday party. Get in you three. We really wanted just Steve and Carol. But you might be worth something to someone.”  


     The three friends entered the helicopter and moments later the craft lifted into the air and headed for an undisclosed area. The man with the gun blindfolded each of them before they flew too far.  


     “Why are you people doing this to us?” Steve asked.  


     “Your dad is why. We’re expecting him to cough up at least $10 million to get you two back.”  


     “What about me?” Marvin asked.  


     “Just be happy I haven’t shoved you out of the chopper. I’m sure your dad will pay us something. Stop asking questions. You’ll live longer.”  


     After about ten minutes, the chopper descended to where a van was waiting. But as the helicopter was about to touch down, a silvery craft that was the size of a private jet appeared in the sky to the west. It hovered about 1,000 feet above the ground.  


     Seconds after the chopper landed and the occupants exited the craft, a beam was emitted from the saucer that surrounded the five people. They were lifted up into the craft and placed in a holding chamber. The two men from the helicopter were beamed back down to the ground.  


     A man wearing a metallic blue jumpsuit entered the chamber and asked Marvin, “Who are your friends?” 


     “Steve and Carol Grant. Their dad is Morgan Grant of Grant Industries. They were the intended targets of a kidnapper who wanted $10 million for them.”  


     “Come with me.”  


     The quartet left the chamber and entered a small room where three other people wearing blue metallic jumpsuits were seated in control modules. Steve, Carol, and Marvin sat in light grey pads that were floating half a meter above the floor. They conformed to their bodies and arms as if they were holding them like three hands. The person they met sat in another pad and walked it around until he was facing the three he had rescued.  


     “Your father will be grateful you weren’t harmed. Can you trust these two friends of yours?” 


     “I haven’t told them everything about me.”  


     “Where are we?” Carol asked.  


     “You’re on a scout craft that is…..” 


     “30 miles above this planet,” said a female controller without looking up from her screen.  


     “You don’t look like an alien,” Steve commented.  


     “You’re thinking of the greys. They’re a bunch of mercenaries that fly anything they’re given and go anywhere they’re told to go and do what they’re told to do. You’re too important to let those idiots rescue you.”  


      Carol stared at Marvin and asked, “Who are you? Is your name even Marvin?” 


     “It’s actually Mavin Straver. My father works for ACE. He and our family escaped from the Konlair Empire but just barely. Yes, I’m an alien. I’m grey only when I’m about to vomit.”  


     “We’ve got three Konlairian cruisers dead ahead,” said one of the male controllers.  


     “How far away is the mother ship?” asked the man who had rescued the trio.  


     “Beyond the cruisers. We’ll try to outmaneuver them.”  


     The craft shot toward the moon at half light speed. But the cruisers surrounded the smaller craft a second later. A tractor beam locked onto the craft and it was drawn into the landing craft bay of one of the cruisers.  


     Seconds later, a deep voice was heard over the scout craft’s speakers. It started out like a garbled mess. But a few seconds later the translation computer kicked in.  


     “… it would be best if you didn’t try to escape. Internal fields will prevent your craft from using any of its weapons. We were sent to retrieve the Straver family and bring it back to where it belongs.”  


     “Gonfren doesn’t work for the Emperor anymore. So it would be best if you let us go and you can tell the Emperor he has plenty of other engineers in service to him. He can afford to lose one.”  


     “They aren’t as proficient as Gonfren. We will have him back along with his family to make sure he doesn’t try to escape again. Oh no. You–” 


     Suddenly, a high-energy blast blew open the landing craft bay and a powerful tractor beam that resembled an energy tunnel that reached from the mother ship to the cruiser. Three seconds later, the scout craft was safely in the landing craft bay of the larger ship. The three cruisers were beyond the moon by then.  


     Another voice that was a low female voice was heard over the speakers.  


     “We’re sorry we were late. We need to leave the area because more cruisers are coming.”  



     This meaty middle is a variation of a screenplay I wrote years ago for a screenwriting contest. The screenplay was titled “To the Nth Degree.” It was about a brother and sister and their friend who are kidnapped, rescued, kidnapped again, and rescued again. The original kidnappers wanted to kidnap the brother and sister and their friend was considered unimportant. But he has a father that works for the Alien Cooperation Enterprise as a weapons engineer. The action goes up geometrically until it goes from a kidnapping to eventually a story that deals with saving the Earth from an alien invasion. The world is introduced to ACE in the screenplay. I intend on writing a series of books dealing with the Alien Cooperation Enterprise that was started by President McKinley in 1897 when he met with a delegation from another dimension in the Oval Office that summer. I know how it starts and I know how it ends. But I will give others the chance to complete the story.  



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