As the protesters ran toward the line of police officers something totally unexpected happened. When they passed between two street lamps on Main Street they vanished. After a couple hundred people disappeared, the protesters toward the back of the crowd stopped and decided to see what the police would do. They stood their ground and waited to see what the remainder of the protesters would do.  


     A TV reporter looked into the camera and said, “We have no idea where they went. One minute they were peacefully marching toward the police station and the next they were gone. There is no explanation for what happened. Let me show you the coverage of what happened before and after the disappearance of the protesters.” 


     On the screen there were the protesters marching toward a line of police officers in front of the precinct station. They were shouting out “No justice, no peace,” and “Leave the hood for good.” As they passed between two street lamps, people began vanishing as if they were entering an invisible room.  


     Back at the TV station a spur of the moment science expert entered the studio and was miked up so he could give his opinion of what was happening.  


     The host of the news program asked the woman, “Dr. Winchester, what did we just see?”  


     “In my educated opinion as the head of the physics department at Westminster University, what we have seen is an interdimensional shift. They were in this dimension one second and the next they were in another dimension.” 


     “You’re serious,” the host scoffed. “This isn’t a science fiction movie. This is reality. Are you insisting that what we witnessed was an interdimensional shift?” 


     “I have no better explanation. I contend that UFOs have the technology to shift from one dimension to another. That is why they can appear one moment and the next be gone.”  


     “Do you think a UFO abducted them?” 


     “That I don’t know. Were there any reports of UFO activity in the area?” 


     “Jack, did anyone see a UFO over the city?” the host asked the reporter.  


     “Not that I know of. I would think if the ones that disappeared had been abducted there would be a beam coming down from a UFO. I didn’t see that happen. As you saw what happened, a couple hundred protesters marched down the street oblivious of what was happening in front of them. There wasn’t a camera behind them to show what they saw before they vanished. But evidently the ones behind the ones that vanished knew what was happening and stopped in time.”  


     “What are they doing out there?”  


     “Some of them are walking on the sidewalks toward the police and not vanishing. They are being joined by more protesters that are avoiding passing between the street lamps on the street.  

      “I can’t believe it. They are still vanishing. I have no idea what in the world is happening. Now the ones that are left are running away from the area. The police are standing their ground.  I guess they don’t want to vanish either.”  


     A protester lit a Molotov cocktail and threw it toward the street lamps. When it flew between them, it also vanished. The protester stormed away in disgust.  


     In a house in a gated community there were a dozen people watching the TV in the spacious living room. One of them stood and faced the others.  


     “They actually did shift to another dimension just like Dr. Winchester suspected,” the man said. “My company installed the portals on that street. I’m glad they worked as well as they did.”  


     One of the women in the crowd asked, “Where are they?”  


     “The ones that vanished are in the dimension we designate as D-3 Left. The dimension we are in has been given the designation D-0.” 


     “How many dimensions are there?” asked one of the men in the crowd.


     “We don’t know. We have shifted into 117 different dimensions so far and have barely scratched the surface of what is out there all around us.”  


     There was excited murmuring in the crowd. Another woman asked a question.  


     “So there could be someone watching us right now and we wouldn’t know it? It sounds kind of creepy to me.”  


     “There is no telling how many people at this moment are watching us in other dimensions. It could be no one of them think watching us is like watching the farm report at 5:00 AM. It might be thousands. I really don’t know.”  


     An embarrassed woman said, “So someone might be watching me in the shower. Is that what you’re saying?” 


     “If there are people that get their jollies watching naked women in the shower, that’s something you’ll have to live with. I’m sorry. Just don’t think about it.” 


     “That’s going to be sort of tough. But I’ll try. I wish you hadn’t told me there might be thousands of perverts in other dimensions watching me taking a shower.”  


     Another man in the crowd asked, “Do you have interdimensional equipment anywhere else in the city?” 


     “We sent out teams of installers around the city this morning installing interdimensional portals about the size of dimes wherever there were sources of electricity to power them. Where there wasn’t a conventional source of electricity, converters were used that tapped the electromagnetic fields of the earth. They are the size of a nickel. A molecular bonder is used to bond the portals to the converters and to electrical sources. The bonder does a better job securing things than glue or welders. It merges the molecular structure of the materials being bonded so tight that you can’t tell where one thing ends and the other thing begins.”  


     A third man asked, “Where did you get the stuff you’re using? Is it some sort of alien technology?” 


     “I’m not at liberty to tell you that. Just as long as it works, I don’t care if little green men from Mars gave us our equipment.”  


     Another woman in the crowd asked, “Are the people who vanished somewhere safe?” 


     “Safe enough.”  


     The man asked, “What do you mean safe enough? Are they alive or dead?” 


     “They’re alive. At least they’re not trying to burn down the city.”  


     They were indeed alive. But some of them thought they were in Hell because where they found themselves was a hot and dry Hellscape with two huge suns and fauna that was far from friendly to humans. The red ants were the size of a human hand and had tails and barbed stingers that inflicted lots of pain.  In the distance there were creatures that screamed like banshees. In the sky were circling creatures that looked like dragons only they didn’t spew fire. At least not yet.  


     Among the scared people was the leader of the protesters. But he was just as scared as everyone else except for a woman who was wearing a grey hoodie. She stepped out of the huddled mass of people and waved her arms.  


     “People, I don’t know what happened. But if we keep our wits about us, we’ll get out of here alive.”  


     The leader finally found his courage and said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about. Somehow the police found a way to send us to some weird dimension and they’re not going to take us back. We’re stuck here and we’re going to die here.”  


     Some of the women began to cry and a few men started to curse out the police.  


     The first woman said, “I’m not about to die. I’m going to find a source of water or maybe some inhabitants that can help us.”  


     The leader asked, “Who made you the boss?”  


     “You proclaimed yourself as the leader of this group. If you’re not going to lead, step aside and let someone else lead. I’m not going to let three years of survival training go to waste out here. If you want to survive, follow me. If you want to die, stay here with your fearless leader,” she said sarcastically.  



     Will they survive or die in an alien dimension? It’s up to some writer to find out.  


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