A generation or two ago, two of the most admired investigators were Woodward and Bernstein.  In the movie about them, Robert Redford played Woodward and Dustin Hoffman played Bernstein which was perfect casting.  People who enrolled in journalism schools wanted to be the next Woodward or Bernstein.  If you are interested in becoming one of those men, good luck.  They have changed since they became famous.  Back in 1972 they sought for the truth which was a noble intention.  But in the last few years they have strayed from the path toward truth and veered off toward insinuation and sought the approval of those that hate truth disguised as the news.

Become an investigator and not an insinuator.  it is easy to go along with the crowd and say what they want you to say.  The truth is like a disinfectant.  It may burn when it is applied.  But it eliminates what can kill you.  In too many places around the world, the truth is a threat to the powerful.  The Bible says you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  Today it can destroy you.  If you want to be an investigator, are you willing to be shunned by your friends and relatives, lose jobs, and possibly lose your life?

Rumors are the greatest tool insinuators use that are substituted for investigation.  I remember years ago when I was vacationing in Florida I went to Lantana, Florida where the National Enquirer and The Weekly World News were published.  I brought a bunch of articles to the Weekly World News that I thought had a chance of being published.  I thought for sure my article on how alien technology was going to add over a trillion dollars to our economy would be published.  One article that might be proven true in the future was how some states would forbid people to move to them and one of the states would be Florida.  There would be three conditions a person would have to meet.  They would have to (1) have a place to move to, (2) have a job waiting for them, and (3) have a good environmental impact statement.  Florida wouldn’t want homeless people to move to that state, live on welfare, and bring a dozen kids with them or pollute the state.  The articles were not really investigative which might have been a reason they weren’t published.  But too many articles are published that have less investigative effort.

If you hear that someone is doing criminal activities, don’t believe it unless you have the facts to prove it.  Take for instance President Trump.  Before he was elected he was considered a criminal.  Vice President Biden called him the most corrupt President ever elected which was based on nothing.  Even though I support Trump, I have to admit that he hasn’t protected the environment as well as he says he has.  And yes, he does like to brag too much.  He is quick to attack people.  But he is not corrupt.  He never accused Hillary of working with the Russians even though the Clinton Foundation received at least $200 million from the Russians and used Russian lies to attack Trump.  He never spied on Hillary like Obama did of Trump and some of his people.  I’ve never heard of anti-Trump charities being denied tax exemption like Obama’s IRS denied tax exemption for anti-Obama charities.  Trump has followed the dictates of the Constitution instead of shred it like he has been accused of doing.  His enemies have done that and have believed lies instead of sought the truth.  And when the truth and facts are used against them, they cry foul.  Are you willing to be called a liar even though the facts are on your side?  Jesus never lied and those that lied about him hanged him on the cross.  But he rose from the dead and is coming again to judge the world.

Rumors have led to countless deaths because if they sound like the truth and are not refuted, a lot of damage can be done.  The Spanish American War was the result of rumors.  One rumor was that the Spanish were terrorizing the citizens of Cuba and the Philippines.  There is the infamous drawing of Spanish sailors questioning a naked woman.  It probably didn’t happen.  But the rumor of degrading women enraged Americans and the public demanded we go to war with the Spanish.  The rumor that the battleship Maine was blown up by a Spanish mine or bomb fueled the crisis and created the rallying cry REMEMBER THE MAINE.  The war helped make America a world power even though it was started by rumors.

In a way, the Watergate break-in that helped make Woodward and Bernstein famous was based on the rumor that the Democrats were going to use dirty tricks against Nixon to defeat him in the election.  He was paranoid and feared it was true.  That could be why he allowed the break-in.  He tried to protect his people even though they did criminal acts.  He most likely deserved to resign.  But since he was hated by the Democrats since he went against Communists a quarter of a century before, his enemies partially got their way.  He won re-election but was forced to leave.  Compared to McGovern, if I had been old enough to vote in 1972 I would have voted for Nixon.  After all the corruption we have experienced in the government, what Nixon did may have been bad.  But Obama did worst.  Nixon had an enemies list.  But Obama wanted to destroy Trump and his people.  Obama did a lot of corrupt things and condoned corruption.  I’m basing my accusations on investigation of the facts.  If an investigation shows that Trump might have used the tax rules to allow him to get away with what we couldn’t get away with, I will admit it.  If he had violated the tax laws, he would have gone to prison for tax evasion years ago.  Since that didn’t happen, he is being harassed by his enemies.  If supporting Trump turns a lot of people off, so be it.  He isn’t another Hitler because Hitler had protesters killed and Trump has used more restraint than his enemies thought he would show.

If you want to be an investigative reporter, start small.  Look into local problems like how hospitals are responding to COVID-19.  If you are allowed to examine medical records you might discover that less people are dying from the virus as the main reason for their demise.  You might discover that doctors are not using zinc, the antibodies of those that recovered from the virus, vitamin D, and external circulation of blood past ultraviolet light to kill the virus before it is returned to the body.  Inhaling chlorine gas at low levels is dangerous.  But it might be an effective treatment for the virus.  I inhaled chlorine bleach accidentally and it didn’t kill me.  It might have killed the virus if I had it in the lungs back in March when there was a chlorine spill I inhaled.  If you have investigated the facts and can be published, go for it.  If people can benefit from your investigation, they might urge you to investigate police abuses.  Don’t side with those that hate the police.  But don’t be forgiving of the police if they are at fault.  If you are respected and people can believe you because you are fair, you might try to investigate more important matters like political corruption.  Not all Republicans are nice and not all Democrats are evil.

The truth is what matters.  It might hurt.  But investigators are willing to expose the truth even if it goes against what they thought was true.  Take global warming.  If you were brought up blaming humans as the main reason for global warming and find out the sun is the main component of global warming, it might hurt and make you look like a fool.  But you must tell the truth and let it defend itself.  It will eventually defend you as long as the enemies of truth don’t destroy it or convince people it is lies.  It is easier to insinuate than investigate.  But it is like comparing the latest rock sensation to Beethoven.  The rock band will make much more money than Beethoven earned during his lifetime.  But they will be playing the music of Beethoven a century from now while the rock band might not even deserve to become a bit of trivia. Be an investigator because in the future, insinuators will look like fools while you may earn well-deserved praise.

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