Writers give various reasons for why they write.  Some do it to earn lots of money.  Politicians and actors are given outrageous amounts of money for their memoirs or books about what they believe.  Most writers produce stories and books to appeal to readers.  They know what their readers want and deliver.  

     There are many writers that write for themselves and consider writing an ego trip.  They use writing like a bullhorn to blast the public with their ideas whether they like them or not.  Personally, I find writing relaxing and a way to experience thoughts as if I am watching a movie.  I see the thoughts and write them down for readers to enjoy.  I normally don’t know what is going to happen in a story until I write it down.  

     Take for instance my book “The Russian Madhouse.”  If I had written it in 2018 it would have been different from what it became.  I would have dealt with Chernobyl.  I thought about writing about a couple who decided not to evacuate when Chernobyl had a meltdown and about mutant animals in the area.  If I had written the book shortly after I wrote “The Madhouse Projects,” I wouldn’t have mentioned Newgate, New York because I wrote about that city several years after I wrote the original version of “The Madhouse Projects.”  And forget about Captain Majors of the starship Aremulac who was recruited by the Alien Cooperation Enterprise.  ACE came along in a screenplay I wrote for a screenwriting contest.  Now I intend on writing a series on ACE.  

     I write for myself and for readers.  I want readers to read my thoughts and get excited about what might happen in the future.  I’m not another Einstein even though I discuss concepts that someone like Einstein might envision.  Hyperlight physics would have never come from Einstein because he didn’t believe anything could esceed the speed of light despite the “fact” that during the Big Bang the expansion shortly after the explosion would have far exceeded the speed of light.   

     Speaking of hyperlight physics.  If you look up on the Internet hyperlight physics you might see the portion of my book “The Belt” in which the main character is in an underground museum in the planet Ortasia and his understanding of hyperlight physics allowed him in an experiencable program dive a starship in the battle of Hertzgoval through a planet at 120 tmes the speed of light.  He knew that the hyperlight chain reaction would destroy the planet and the starship would be undamaged.  I intend on writing a book that might be titled “Applied Hyperlight Physics” which will deal with the concept.  With millions of people interested in aiens and alien technology, my book on hyperlight physics might explain some things associated with alien technology and beyond.  If I am right, I would have the right to call myself the Father of Hyperlight Physics.  Who knows?  I might get the chance to be in a “Star Trek” movie as a professor at Star Fleet Academy for hyperlight physics.  In my next book “The Martian Connection” which will be in the Madhouse series I will deal with hyperlight physics and the Chinese “acquiring” the technology to almost destroy the sun.  At least that is what might happen.  I won’t know until I write about it.  

     I want readers to become as excited about my writing as I am.  I think that readers recognize when writers are writing for themselves.  Take Obama, for instance.  In eight years he showed how close we came to having a dictator.  He admired how in China they didn’t have a Congress or Senate to contend with like he had.  They could get things done because they were a dictatorship.  His latest book combined with his next book will be longer than the Bible.  He must have an ego larger than what any other person has.  I bet a century from now the last four years of the Trump administration will be more significant than the eight years of Obama because he came too close to becoming a dictator like several Democrat governors are now.  

     It is easy for a writer to write for themselves and not for readers.  If a writer uses I too much and seems to think he is better than his readers, readers should be turned off.  If his main character is exactly like he is, he isn’t writing straight fiction.  If his main character is too sucessful or has too many things go his way, he is writing something like a documented dream.  Yes, my main characters do have it pretty good most of the time.  But they have problems too and are like regular people except for my superhero Mr. Amazing who is from another dimension.  He describes himself as the Swiss army knife of superheroes.  But if he thinks there might be some danger he can’t handle he has his friend Ramshief Hoorganvisor to give him a device or weapon he can use.  

     When Mark Twain wrote his books he wrote about people that seem so real.  He allowed them to say things and do things he wanted to say and do.  He also wrote about journeying to Palestine in “Innocense Abroad” which was autobiographical.  But I believe the main character in his book “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court” was him.  He might have wished he was the character and wanted his readers to also wish they were “Sir Boss.”  Writers that can successfully write for themselves and readers are often the best writers and will remain famous long after they are dead.  Long after people stop reading about the Obamas, the Kardashians, and the Clintons, readers will be reading the works of Mark Twain despite them being politically incorrect.  

     They say fame is fleeting.  Writers who write mainly for themselves write for a readership of one person.  If they only want to please themselves, they’ll accomplish that goal and end up forgotten.  But writers that choose to write for readers have the potential of remaining popular forever.  Write for yourself if you want.  But always remember the readers.  They will always determine if your efforts are worthwhile or just a waste of time.  Write what will last forever.  

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