I have a friend I call Crazy Dan.  He is big into UFOs and aliens.  We talk for hours about that and other things.  One thing he wants to be known as is NORMAL.  I have told him normal is boring.  Being called strange is something to be proud of.  

     I love to write science fiction.  Normal people don’t write science fiction.  Normal writers write about subjects like romance, sports, biographies, history, politics, religion, comedy, drama, and other normal subjects.  But I choose to write science fiction and about the future.  My imagination at times is boundless.  I’ve written many letters to the editor and find that satisfying.  But every now and then I send a letter to the editor about my futuristic views.  I love to expose readers to what I think might be ahead.  

     My mom on the other hand has tried to discourage me from writing about my ideas about the future.  She used to call it crazy junk.  But when I began producing a cable TV program about future technology in 1985, she allowed me to do it.  She told me that if people wanted to see my program about the future, she wouldn’t stop me.  I did the program “A Look Forward” from January 1985 to the summer of 2012.  During that time I wrote three books that were published.  They haven’t sold all that many.  But I have a feeling my sales could pick up as what I have been talking about for years is becoming reality.  

     Take for instance CGI.  I have called it video manipulation since 1976 when I first proposed using it to create movies and TV programs.  I even asked Gene Roddenbery if he would use a computer and video memory banks to create movies.  He told me if the technology existed, he would.  When I tried to get George Lucas to use video manipulation in 1980, he wasn’t allowed to look at the idea since it was unsolicited.  Now I bet he wishes he had taken me up on the offer and could have done nine Star Wars movies before the end of the 20th century.  If you saw the latest Star Wars movie that featured Carrie Fischer, even though she was dead at the time, you would have seen something I was talking about nearly 44 years ago.  When I told the woman who appeared on “Farscape” in blue makeup and in a blue outfit that all she needed to do was be referenced in a memory bank and the images could be applied over her every time and she wouldn’t need to spend time in makeup and costume, she told me the program could do only one major special effect every episode.  But being referenced is no big deal.  She could appear naked on the set, and the computer would say she was in makeup and costume.  With dead actors being used more and more, she might remember she missed her chance to have the same treatment used for her.  

     Normal people don’t talk about advanced medical ideas.  I’ve been talking about cures for cancer and other medical problems for over 40 years.  it was frustrating to have the head of surgery at Cox Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri in 1974 tell me it was impossible to transplant a nerve from one part of the body to another and that my nerve bypass idea was equally impossible.  But since doctors have since done what was considered impossible, transplant a nerve from one part of the body to another, who says my nerve bypass won’t be possible in the future. 

     Normal people don’t look on the internet to see if their ideas are listed.  Since I’m not normal, I often look on the internet to see if my ideas are there.  When I wanted to find out about hyperlight physics, one of my ideas, I saw a section of my book “The Belt” on the internet.  When I wanted to see if anything about my fission/fusion reactor was on the internet, I found it.  The Russians evidently have been working on the idea since at least 2006.  I designed my first fission/fusion reactor in 1977. I brought the concept to the magazine “Fusion” that year.  I’d like to see how close the Russians get to my idea.  

     A normal person looks at a problem and wonders how it will be solved.  Since I’m not normal, problems are a challenge I like to take on.  Take global climate change.  Normal people feel powerless to make a difference.  I believe I can do many things to handle the problem even though I personally think the sun is most involved in the problem.  I would first use plasma moles to hollow out underground reservoirs to store excess water and redistribute the water to where it is needed.  I would use ice whales and something I call a centipede to flash freeze ocean water to increase the ice packs around the world.  The most expensive idea I have is the Sahara Reservoir.  I would use plasma excavation equipment to remove sand from the desert down to 250 meters below sea level.  Water from the Mediterranian and Atlantic would flow through desalinization plants in the wall around North Africa down to turbo pumps that would generate electricity before entering the reservoir.  Within ten years it would become the largest body of fresh water in the world and the sea levels would go down maybe a couple meters and the climate would become cooler.  A normal person wouldn’t think of my ideas.        People that are far from normal have done great things throughout history.  Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and more people than I could list in a blog were far from normal and we have benefitted from them.  If I could be included in the list, it won’t be because I was a normal person.  I would consider being called normal an insult.  If I ever become a “normal” person, I might as well watch TV and play video games everday until I cease to exist.  Because in fact, it would be better if I didn’t exist.  No one would miss me because there would be no good reason to remember me. 

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