What if?

As a science fiction writer, I love to write what if stories.  Some popular TV shows and movies deal with what if.  "The Man In the High Tower" is such a program.  It is about America if we lost the Second World War.  Germany controls the Eastern part of America while...

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Are You An Investigator Or An Insinuator?

A generation or two ago, two of the most admired investigators were Woodward and Bernstein.  In the movie about them, Robert Redford played Woodward and Dustin Hoffman played Bernstein which was perfect casting.  People who enrolled in journalism schools wanted to be...

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Heroes, Villains, and Expendables

A hero is often someone who is doing his job in such a way that he has no regard for his safety and doesn't mind if no one notices.  A villain is someone who often thinks he is doing what is right because it supports what he wants.  An expendable is often someone that...

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Is Your Writing Worth Reading?

The Internet has been both a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing that people that would have been rejected by publishing companies are finally having their stories and books published for millions to read.  But often those stories and books could only be published...

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How To Write Conversationally

When is the last time you heard a person talk profoundly to his dog or cat?         "Come here, thou furry companion.  The one I have bestowed the name of Buster, the canine  pictured in Buster Brown shoe ads."          Who in their right mind talks like that?  It...

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Would Jesus Read Your Stories Or Books?

   One of the ten commandments states that no one should use the Lord's name in vane.  I find that many preachers constantly use the Lord's name in vane when they write books that might mention God.  But He takes second place to the writer and what he believes.  Some...

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