The status quo is for people unwilling to change.    It makes people complacent.  It also makes them lazy.  It sounds so comforting at times.  People don’t like change if it means their lives will have to adjust to change.  The future rebels against the status quo.  

     There are so many examples of the status quo trying to stand in the way of progress.  Automobiles were against the status quo of traveling by horse power.  Using horses for transportation had been the status quo for thousands of years.  They were reliable and fairly easy to control and understand.  You fed and watered them, gave them simple commands they could obey, and as long as they were healthy and protected from the elements, having a horse was fine.  It took awhile before the automobile was accepted as standard transportation.  Now it has become the status quo.  

     Air travel a century ago was risky at times unless you were flying in a blimp or zeppelin because airplanes were not as reliable as they are today.  The first passengers that flew on commercial airliners paid more than they would have paid if they had traveled by rail.  Ironically, many airplane passengers landed at night and took trains to the next airport and flew during the day because it was dangerous to fly at night.  Flying during a storm is still dangerous today.  Back then, it could be deadly.  But if it weren’t for so many people willing to trust their lives to the capable hands of pilots and the airplanes they flew, airlines would have either serviced the wealthy or they would have gone out of business.  

     In 2020, the Republicans and Democrats are going to field candidates for various offices, including the Presidency, that support one of at least three positions.  They are progress, regression, and status quo.  Not all Democrats are progressive and not all Republicans can be considered regressive.  Both parties don’t want to admit it, but they favor the status quo as long as it brings stability that favors their goals.  Increased federal spending has the potential of destroying our economy.  But it is the status quo.  When a politician says they want this nation to once again be brought back to normal, they are supporting the status quo which means the government has more control of our lives.  

     Donald Trump was elected because he opposed the status quo which was hurting this nation and the citizens.  That is one of the reasons why Democrats hate him and want him removed from office.  But he is not a “professional” politician who understands that surplus spending or justifying the reasons for why Washington spends what it spends for the various programs is a way to control spending and bring the budget in line with the amount of taxation that comes in.  The Republican Congress of Speaker Gingrich was against the status quo and we had a surplus.  But unless things change for the better in Washington, the status quo of deficit spending will continue until our economy collapses.  

     Status quo prevents us from having a greater future.  When I was a kid half a century ago, I thought that by now we would be on Mars after we established a colony on the moon. But too many people favored the status quo and we are years away from what I thought would be common today.  

     Science fiction writers are rebels against the status quo not just to be different; but to prepare people for possible futures ahead of us.  Our writing is not always meant to be prophetic.  We present scenarios that we would like readers to consider.  If enough people want something, the status quo can be overcome and true progress can be made.        The future is like a room that has not been entered and the status quo is the door.  Open it and either something wonderful or terrifying will be inside.  But it is easier to not touch the door of the status quo.  I can tell you there is untold riches inside the room and you need to open the status quo door to claim them.  But if no one believes me, the status quo is an unmovable barrier.  Defeat the status quo and you will embrace better things that will make your life more rewarding.    

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