Some of the first stories many writers write are fantasy stories.  The first story I wrote back in first grade was a fantasy story about a dragon.  When I cut its head off, two little girls I had a crush on came out of its neck.  Those little girls probably have grandchildren that are older than they were when I wrote the story.  

     Fantasy stories are like other genres.  Writers need to control their imaginations to keep things straight.  Here’s an example of not keeping things straight: 

     Jerry rode his unicorn in the desert splashing through the deep puddles that appeared out of nowhere.  The unicorn’s rainbow fur glistened in the sunlight at midnight and his conversations as he trotted over the yellow brick road were fascinating.  Tom called his two-headed steed Gemini.  He raised him from the time it was an egg.  

     There are so many things wrong with that paragraph.  First off, unicorns are known to inhabit fields in the stories that have been written about them.  I saw a video of a unicorn on a program about capturing strange phenomena caught on camera.  If it were in the desert I doubt it would find any puddles to splash through unless there was a rain storm.  It’s rare.  But doubtful.  Unicorns don’t have fur and the sun doesn’t shine at midnight.  Also, unicorns are traditionally pure white.  They don’t talk and none have been seen trotting over a yellow brick road.  Somehow, Jerry turned into Tom and his unicorn gained another head.  And lastly, no unicorn has ever hatched from an egg.  

     There are certain things writers need to keep in mind when they are writing fantasy stories.  Certain fantasy creatures have certain characteristics.  Dragons fly and breathe fire.  In the Bible, during the time of Job, dragons were real, but they didn’t fly.  They were in the ocean and left a shiny trail of phosphorus.  They used a combination of sulphur and phosphorus to spew fire.  If they have ever flyed is unknown.  If traditional dragons are lizards they start out as an egg

   One of the most popular fantasy stories was the Harry Potter books.  They dealt with magic, witchcraft, dragons, fantastic creatures, dwarfs, giants, ghosts, and magic spells and wands.  Flying on a broomstick was common.  Harry Potter made the writer a billionaire.  But when you strip away the magical elements, Harry Potter was like many coming-of-age stories.  A young man who is different discovers other young people like him.  He goes to a special school with his friends, falls in love, has thrilling adventures, learns to do marvelous things, takes on enemies and defeats them, eventually marries, and becomes a parent of a child that goes to the same school he went to with the children of his friends.  The only big difference is that Harry is a wizard.  Millions of people wish they were like Harry just like millions of people wish they were like James Bond, Elvis, the Beatles, Hugh Hefner, Michael Jordan, their favorite sports star, and Obama, to name just a few.  

     One of the most popular fantasy TV programs was “Game of Thrones.”  It had many of the same elements popular fantasy stories have plus naked women, bloody action, a foul-mouthed dwarf with just as foul a mood, and an army of the dead that threatened to take over the world of the living.  I’m into science fiction and like to write that genre.  But I might try my hand at mixing science fiction with fantasy as if “Star Wars” wasn’t a blending of the two genres.  

     Here are some blendings of science fiction and fantasy: 

     “Master of the Elements”  This book would be about a man who can shift between dimensions and do things you would expect a wizard to do.  He discovers a book in another dimension in an old library about how to control the elements with a nuclear powered wand that can change people and things.  In still another dimension he learns about hyperlight physics and gets his hands on a hyperlight speed reactor and other devices.  With the ability to control hyperlight physics and the elements, the man becomes a wizard capable of things that would make a lesser man feel like God.  But he has tremendous control and feels obligated to help those in need.  “Master of the Elements” could be the first of a series of books that blend science fiction with fantasy.  I have always tried to understand magic with a science fiction twist.  Magic wands would be used to control the elements and manipulate them.  If it were nuclear powered and used hyperlight physics, incredible things could be created.  If you wanted a ton of gold, the wand could transmute the elements of air, rocks, water, grass, and drt into gold.  Brooms that are used for flying could be nuclear powered and able to displace the electromagnetic fields of the earth like a UFO.  A force field would also have to be generated to keep the flyer from being incinerated by air molecules at extreme speeds.  

     “The Telepath”  This book is about a woman who started out as a fortune teller.  But after giving the reading of a man, she suddenly has the ability to know a person’s future and read their minds.  She enhances her abilities after being taught by a beautiful woman who claims to be 1,000 years old how to enter people’s minds and read their DNA and the DNA of those that have or will come in contact with the people.  Eventually, the woman is able to make a connection with everyone who has, does, and will exist from the beginning of time to the end of the universe.  Three centuries ago she would have been burnt at the stake for being a witch.  Now she is considered strange and possibly dangerous since she knows everything about everyone and there are secrets she knows that could cause people to make her a target for death.  Telepathy is like using a 2-way radio.  You can send a message to a person’s mind and read their mind as if it were a transmitter.  Reading DNA is an enhanced ability in the realm of science fiction.  

     “Persona Maximus”  This is about a shape shifter that can become almost anything.  I’ve been thinking about this character for years but have never written the book.  I suggested it to someone as a TV program.  It could be a mixture of fantasy and science fiction that would have the character being people, animals, things, and the inhabitant of dreams.  The possibilities are endless.  

     “Master of the Monsters”   This person goes after all types of monsters both real and fantasy creatures.  Vampires, warwolves, zombies, bigfoot, and even megladon are the types of monsters the person wants to master.  

     “Times of Magic”  A person has the ability to travel back and forward in time to help people with devices that are considered magical.  He interacts with historical figures to change time and even discovers that people he thought were imaginary like Merlin and Santa Claus were real.  Some of the changes make things worst so he has to go back in time and undo the damage he caused.  But the people he helps along the way appreciate what he does.  

     There are many fantasies that interest people.  For millions or men, having women interested in them is a fantasy and having their way with women is often with fantasy women that would probably never give them a second glance.  My fantasy is to become a billionaire that can make the devices I write about and draw become reality.  I also have the fantasy of driving one of my fantasy vehicles back to New York to give people millions of dollars to help them out and also find my neice Alice to make her life and that of her daughter much better.  

     Fantasies are more than dreams.  They are shared imaginary images that can either frighten or thrill the readers of the fantasies.  They are a break from reality that many people need every now and then in a world that is too often  a nightmare.  Write fantasies if your imagination is broader than the ocean and you know there are enough readers out there that want to read what you can imagine.  Who knows?  You might create the next Harry Potter, or “Game of Thrones,” or “Persona Maximus.”  Imagine that.  

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