The First Amendment of the Constitution allows American citizens to enjoy freedom of speech.  Other nations fear their leaders because the citizens can be punished, sometimes killed for expressing their views in public.  Writers are at times public enemy number one to dictators.  If this nation surrenders to those that want to silence the writers, we will bring shame to the Founding Fathers that were willing to sacrifice their lives in order to secure the freedom of speech.  

     Three centuries ago, the American Colonies were subject to the King of England.  At that time, King George I had only been king for less than a decade and spoke mainly German.  If I had written in an editorial that England should have a ruler that spoke mainly English, I might have been arrested for sedition and could have been put on trial.  I might have been sent to prison if the judge were lenient.  

     Today we have people who want to silence those that don’t say what they want them to say.  Ironically, the ones that claim they support the Constitution think they have the right to decide who gets to say anything.  That would mean they don’t support the First Amendment that was written to allow people to say unpopular things.  I’ll give examples of what it might be like with and without the First Amendment.  

     Even with the First Amendment, news of Joe Biden’s corruption was forbidden to be published in various newspapers and magazines and never mentioned on CNN except as Russian disinformation.  Even the ones that knew the truth spread the lie of Russian interference.  Thanks to the First Amendment, we were allowed to learn that Biden was like the Godfather.  He used his influence to gain millions of dollars for his family and himself.  I mentioned on the radio that Joe is so much an agent for China that he should change the spelling of his name from Joe to Cho.  If he spoke softly and carried a big stick it would be a big stick of butter to allow him to grease the skids.  

     Without the First Amendment, if I claimed Joe Biden was corrupt and he actually was, I might be executed for stating an unspeakable truth that must be thought of as a lie by the general public.  The Nazis never had to contend with a First Amendment.  Hitler was evil and got off easy when he shot himself in the head.  Five pieces of his skull are in the KGB museum in Moscow to prove that he killed himself instead of being captured by Smirsh (It was real and not the invention of Ian Flemming.)  and brought back to Moscow to be put on trial for war crimes.  After being blamed for the deaths of millions of Soviets, Hitler would have deserved to be executed in front of a world audience.  While he ruled the Third Reich he could have his enemies executed after they were humiliated at a show trial.  

     There are millions of people that would love to have their enemies humiliated at show trials.  President Obama, if he had his way while President, would have loved to have had his critics placed in front of the cameras at show trials and had them condemned to prison for spreading unspeakable truths that the press and the Democrats deemed to be lies.  But the First Amendment prevented him from getting his way.  

     I call baloney Washington meat because it is the biggest producer of baloney in the world.  WIth the First Amendment to protect me, it is a joke.  If the amendment didn’t exist, I might be sued for slander.  In front of “snowflakes” I should be silenced for telling the truth if they don’t like what I say.  I always say, “If you don’t like the facts, it’s not the facts that are wrong.”  Beware of those that claim they want to make a more civil society by restricting “bad” speech.  To them, bad speech is anything they don’t like.  They are like the rulers of Iran only they can’t execute anyone.  They can only shame them or have them kicked off of social media.  The FIrst Amendment allows them to shame people.  Without the First Amendment, people can be destroyed even  if they are telling the truth.  The truth can be squelched by its enemies and killed in silence without the First Amendment.  

    Let’s say I find out that someone considered an upstanding citizen in my city is taking money from pension funds to buy elections.  The reason why Al Capone’s right hand man Frank Nitty got into organized labor was because if the unions trusted organized crime members, they would allow organized crime to have access to their pension funds.  With the First Amendment I can write an editorial letter and have it published.  Without the First Amendment, I might have to worry about being murdered by the “upstanding citizen” and no one would know why.  

     With the First Amendment I can write that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are a threat to this nation and they seek to destroy America.  I can also write that the plans the Left have for this nation benefits Russia and China because they want us to end energy independence which makes Russia better off since we might have to buy Russian oil and gas and with corporate taxes soaring, companies will move operations to China and cheap Chinese goods won’t have the tariffs Trump imposed and our goods will have higher tariffs.  Russia and China could publish that I am a liar and with the First Amendment they have that right.  But the First Amendment allows my beliefs to be published and the public would decide for themselves if I am telling the truth or not.  Without the First Amendment, Russia and China could have me silenced and maybe sued for slander.  The people of the Deep State could have me put in prison or cause an “accident” to happen to silence me forever.  

     Don’t fear to write what you believe even if it is wrong.  The First Amendment protects us for believing the wrong things.  Without the First Amendment, if the wrong things are considered right, a person can be silenced for pointing the facts out.  That reminds me of the head of the agricultural department of the Soviet Union during the era of Stalin.  He believed that exposing seeds to the cold could make them resistant to the cold and that ability could be passed onto future generations of seeds.  Stalin supported him while another scientist believed in genetics being responsible for plant traits.  There was no workable First Amendment in the Soviet Union so the man with Stalin’s ear was paid attention to and it took decades for the Soviet Union and eventually Russia to recover agriculturally.  Without a First Amendment and freedom of speech, people starved in the Soviet Union.  Now Russia grows plenty of grain thanks to genetics being used to make plants stronger instead of hoping environmental conditions can make plants stronger.  

     I might not agree with what someone says.  But I support the First Amendment and freedom of speech which means I’ll defend the right for someone I disagree with to say what they want.  So write what you want thanks to the First Amendment and freedom of speech.  You have that right.   


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