The Internet has been both a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing that people that would have been rejected by publishing companies are finally having their stories and books published for millions to read.  But often those stories and books could only be published on the Internet because who would pay for their material?  Don’t be one of those “Internet Only” writers.  Remember, they used to commit insane people to asylums.  Today they’re on the Internet.  

     If you like writing things on the Internet, go ahead.  Some make a living doing it because people want to read their material.  I’ve even made some money writing for the Internet.  But most of my material won’t earn me a penny.  I really don’t mind because I love to write.  That is why I have written over 500 letters to the editor.  I even don’t mind that some people don’t like what I write about in the newspapers.  More people like my letters than hate them.  

     I remember when I was in grade school I loved to write stories.  Our Weekly Reader would have every now and then two pictures as prompts and we were supposed to write a story that was inspired by one of the pictures.  I wrote a story based on the then-popular TV show “The Invaders.”  It was about the main character being captured by the aliens he wanted to expose being able to escape them.  It was a simple story.  But I was only 9 at the time.  I’ve written about aliens since then and have written about technology that would make them envious.  I plan on writing about technology that goes far beyond even the most advanced alien technology in my “ACE” series and try to be so detailed that people might be able to build some of the devices.  I’m still hoping to write a book about applied hyperlight physics and have it be the foundation for future work in that discipline.  If it becomes reality, I’m also hoping to be in a possible “Star Trek” movie as the Professor of Hyperlight Physics.  I will have literally written  the book on that subject.  If I write well enough and am proven correct, forget about Einstein.  He never believed we could exceed the speed of light.  Then again, if you believe in the Big Bang Theory, that means the initial expansion of the universe would have been well beyond the speed of light.  

     You might not be into writing science fiction like I am.  You might like to write romance novels.  Write what people want to read.  But don’t try to be like certain writers because they are successful.  Have your own voice.  I’ll give you some scenarios that you might find interesting.  

     I’m composing the opera “Peter and the Wolf.”  In the opera in the second act, Peter meets the daughter of the Wolf and falls in love with her.  In the third act he puts her father on trial.  He is torn between being with the daughter of the Wolf and having her want to be with him or putting her father on trial for his cruelty since he complained about Peter’s father dying at his feet in the first scene of the first act and the woman he loves possibly turning against him.  

     In one of my future ACE books I plan on writing about humans falling in love with aliens.  Then again, in “The Russian Madhouse” I wrote about the cousin of the main character’s wife falling in love with a Martian woman who he marries and brings to Earth.  He said it was because she baked wonderful cookies.  But I think seeing her wearing only an apron when they met had a lot to do with him wanting to marry her.  

     I have written about a couple that is married 100 years that doesn’t physically meet but know each other in experiencable programs.  If people are physically changed so that they can live for centuries instead of decades, a good romance novel might be titled “Together For a Millennium.”  

     If the spirits of dead people exist in another dimension, a novel could be based on the love of a living person for a previously living person.  There are many story lines that could develop.  

     Back in New York a woman lived in my apartment for awhile because even her mother didn’t want her to live with her.  She was manic depressive and often acted a bit crazy.  But I cared about her even though she used to put me down to other people.  If I were rich enough, I would love to find her again and give her enough money to buy a house and car and live off of the investment income of the rest of the money.  I never plan on marrying her or even having sex with her.  That would ruin our friendship.  I still love her just like I love other women that I have no intention on having a sexual relationship with.  If I go back and the woman is dead, I would give money to her daughter because of her just like I want to give money to the family of a woman I knew back in New York because they could use it.  

     There are still people who like to write western novels.  I have written a few chapters for a science fiction western titled “The Phantom of the Union Pacific.”  It is about a man from Newgate, New York who travels to Denver to become a railroad security agent for the Union Pacific.  He has advanced technology, as you might expect, and meets historical figures in 1880.  He will also have to take on demon wolves in the Sierra Nevadas when the train he is on is caught in an avalanche and the creatures shift into our dimension to terrorize the passengers.  

      I have written chapters for a story that started out as a sweet story about a little boy falling asleep on a sailboat and needing to be rescued.  I turned the story into a James Bond like story about the little boy being kidnapped and his father who worked for MI6 saving both him and his ex-wife.  He becomes an agent like James Bond and likes to introduce himself as “Field.  Herbert Field.”  He has a flying car, a flying suit, a power ray, and other devices even Q never dreamed of.  

     Many people like to believe they could be the next Woodward or Bernstein.  Exposing the high and mighty sounds tempting.  But too many people show their biases when they attack people and don’t let facts get in their way.  I once vacationed in Florida and went to Lantana where the “Weekly World News” is published.  I brought in several articles that I thought sounded like stories that the tabloid might publish.  I thought for sure my “Alien Technology Will Add Over $1 Trillion to Our Economy” would be published.  But for all I know, it might have added over $10 trillion.  The article I wrote about people being forbidden to move to various states unless they have a job waiting for them, a place to live, and a good environmental impact statement might come true in the future.  

     If you want to know if your writing is worth reading, ask people that have read your material if they like it.  Better yet, if people tell you that you should have your material published, go for it.  I did and even though I haven’t sold all that many books, I’m glad I’m published.  For me, the books and stories were worth writing and when I go to the local public library, I never can find my book “Tales From Newgate.”  Maybe it’s considered worth reading.  To me, that’s success.  

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