I’m so busy writing science fiction stories and classical music that I don’t have time to write other genres.  Here are a bunch of prompts that might inspire you to write some stories and books that might sell more than my material will.  Good luck. 

(1) BECOMING THE BEAST  A man wants to see how well he would do living like an animal in various locations around the globe.  He prepares himself by doing strenuous exercise, living outside, and both taking injections and drinking a concoction developed by a doctor who has strange ideas about optimizing the physical potential of people and helping them become superior humans.  

     He practices living like an animal in safe locations like farms and parks.  People think he is strange and a few times he is arrested for indecent exposure and peculiar behavior.  But eventually people get used to his training practices.  When he believes he’s ready to go out into the wild, he buys a suit of form-fitting clothes that will allow him to roam around almost naked yet able to withstand all types of weather conditions.  

     From the Amazon rainforest to the Steppes of Siberia to the Australian outback to a myriad of locations around the world, one man attempts to live like an animal to see if the inner beast can help him survive.  

(2) LIVING OFF THE GRID  A family decides to move to Alaska and live off the grid.  They have electricity produced by solar cells, a windmill, and geothermal energy.  But instead of using cell phones to stay in touch with the outside world, they use ham radio.  They learn to use bows and arrows to kill game and use their guns sparingly.  

     One winter night as they are watching satellite TV, an EMP strike from either China or North Korea zaps it and other electronic systems to death which forces the family to truly live off the grid completely except for the ham radio which uses vacuum tubes that aren’t affected by EMP attacks.  Will they survive?  

(3) CRUSADERS IN THE NEW WORLD   A band of crusaders that have fought against Sarasans in the Holy Land try sailing home to England but are caught by a tropical storm that is forming west of Africa and are blown to the New World during the late 12th century.  They need to fight natives, wild beasts, and the elements in order to survive.  Their horses don’t survive and they lose half of their armory.  But somehow they must learn to survive and not lose their faith.  Their ship is torn apart to be used for building material so they have no way to get back home.  

(4) MAD MAX: ABOVE AND BEYOND  If this is done as a screenplay, Danny Glover comes to Australia to open an opal mine and hires aborigines to work the mine.  He also has sex with some of the women.  Along comes Mad Max played by Mel Gibson shortly before some miners discover a UFO about 100 feet down.  He boards the craft and uses a beam weapon that is possessed by the craft to melt a shaft through rock and earth to leave the mine.  

     The Americans, Russians, and Chinese find out about the UFO and try to seize it.  At the same time, rich veins of opal are discovered worth upwards to $1 billion that attracts people to the area.  The American President (played by Bruce Willis who was once a four star general in the Air Force) Russian President (played by a real Russian who is a popular actor in Russia) and Chinese President (played by Jet Li who physically commands a squadron of fighter planes) all want the UFO to have access to the advanced technology.  

     Two battles are fought; one on the ground and one in the air, toward the end of the movie.  Danny Glover has his aboriginal forces battling those who want the opal mine while Mel has to take on planes and missiles used by the USA, Russia, and China.  Out in space, Russian ray weapons and Chinese EMP weapons and President Bruce Willis in a UFO borrowed from Area 51 take on Mel in space.  If Danny loses, he loses his mine and his life.  If Mel loses, the nation that takes the UFO could become the most powerful force in the world.  

(5) PREDATOR AND ALIEN VERSUS A COMMON ENEMY  After centuries of fighting each other, an army of predators and an  army of aliens confront an enemy that is more powerful than both species.  In desperation, they contact the head of the Alien Cooperation Enterprise (possibly played by me since I created ACE if it becomes a movie) to help them defeat the common enemy.  It becomes an interstellar war with battles larger than those seen in any Star Wars movie.  

     The common enemy has many battle techniques and abilities that both the predators and aliens aren’t able to take on by themselves.  The distrust between the predators and aliens and the fear humans have of both species need to be overcome to help them form an alliance to defeat the common enemy that has the ability to shape shift.  Does anyone survive?  

(6)  NOTHING BUT GOLD  A young prospector in California in 1849 discovers he has the ability to find gold as if it is a sixth sense.  He strikes it rich in California, Arizona, and eventually Alaska when he is an old man.  He takes on claim jumpers, Indians, wild animals, and the weather to find rich deposits of gold.  

     He might be a success in the gold fields, but a failure with people.  He has few friends and  is too paranoid to trust even his closes associates.  He wants to spend his life finding gold and doesn’t let love stand in his way until he strikes it rich late in life when he finds a beautiful woman in Alaska he saves from a grizzly bear.  But will his love for gold be conquered by the love of a woman?  

(7) SPIT IN GOD’S FACE  A discouraged Catholic monk in California during the early 19th century falls in love with an Indian woman and wants to find acceptance by her people who for decades have been abused by the Roman Catholics.  He also travels to what will become Texas in a couple decades and is converted to Evangelical Christianity and goes back to California as a missionary.  He is attacked by his former religious order and Indians that still don’t trust him even though he is the husband of an Indian and the father of two mixed-blood children.  He eventually fights alongside the defenders of the Alamo.  Is he one of the few that survives the battle or will he become an unknown battler for Texan freedom? 

(8) JUDAS VERSUS THE MAN  A white preacher falls in love with a beautiful black woman during the 1940’s shortly after WW II and marries her.  His congregation throws him out of his church.  He starts a bi-racial church that is attacked by both white people and blacks.  But his love for his wife and children is strong.  But a couple decades later his son joins the Black Panthers and his two daughters fall in love with radicals.  He also protests the way the authorities oppose blacks.  Will he be thrown into the same jail cells as his son and daughters?  

(9) SWORDS AND PLOWSHARES  After fighting in one of the Crusades, a man returns to his farm that has fallen into disrepair.  His wife thinks he is dead and marries a neighbor man.  He tries to make a go at farming.  But his fighting skills make him an able freelance warrior that needs to protect his district from bad guys while at the same time do farming.  

     He saves a young woman from bandits that kill her male protectors and falls in love with her.  But he is officially still married to his wife.  He is torn between his love for the woman and his moral upbringing.  What is worst is that a local prince wants the man to fight against the people the woman came from so he might lose her too.  What will he do?  

(10) LORD OF THE SEAS  Captain John Fitzsimmons and the crew of the HMS Victory take on pirates in the Carribean but are not above taking an occasional Spanish merchant ship loaded with silver, gold, and jewels.  The captain is in official trouble with the British Admiralty but is admired by the public.  

     The King of Spain complains about the captain and sends out his navy to go after the Victory.  But British ships fight alongside the Victory at times but it is an unofficial alliance because the British and Spanish might go to war due to the actions of the captain and his ship.

(11)  DIAMOND RETRIEVER An agent for Debeers hunts down illegal diamond operations around the world to prevent the sales of blood diamonds and the abuse of diamond workers in the mines.  He also discovers underground illegal diamond mining and theft in Russia that has him confront the Russian mob.  Can he survive?  

(12) JUNGLE WARRIOR  A Japanese soldier on one of the islands in the Pacific doesn’t realize WW II is over during the 1960’s.  But before he is told the truth, he confronts Chinese communists that are trying to recruit locals.  He has old weapons and ammunition that sometimes don’t work.  But he needs to help the people defeat the Chinese who he hates.  

(13) THIS ISN’T KANSAS  A farmer in Kansas is out on his tractor when he is hit by a bolt of lightning that is unlike conventional lightning.  He finds himself in a field in 14th century England during a time of plague.  His tractor scares most people who think he is demonic.  But eventually the tractor dies from lack of fuel.  He manages to develop a fuel for it and uses it to help other farmers in their fields as he builds simple tractors for them.  But the changes he makes in the past change his tractor and his knowledge.  But he still needs to survive the plague and help others without being thought of as a witch.  

(14) SWALLOW IT  A chef who wants to sample foods from different parts of the world has to eat foods he isn’t sure about and confront people that he isn’t sure of.  Sometimes he has to deal with more than he can swallow.  Some locations aren’t a piece of cake.  But some relationships are icing on the cake as he discovers new foods he can prepare for his foodie friends.  

(15) X MARKS THE SPOT  A team of fortune hunters and explorers go around the world trying to discover legendary treasures and defy the odds and curses to strike it rich.  

(16) NO MAN’S LAND  A woman tries to prove herself in a variety of occupations and go where sometimes no man has the guts to go to.  She has to hide her identity at times without being discovered to be a woman.  But at times she is proud to be a woman.  

(17) SOLDIER FOR HIRE  A former soldier that has fought in wars since the 1990’s hires himself out to various people.  But sometimes he has to turn against some of the people who hire him  because he opposes criminals.  Sometimes he even saves people that are supposed to be his victims.  He travels around the world confronting friends that are actually foes and foes that  become friends and people in between.  

(18) DOCTOR OF THE WORLD  A doctor travels around the world bringing medical care to people that need his help in various situations and sometimes has to risk his life to help people.  

(19) STRAIGHT FROM HELL  A man and wife confront evil around the world and even have to fight monsters.  They also has to cast demons out of some people who are possessed.  WItches, wizards, medicinemen, and high priests take them on.  Even legendary creatures like the Jersey Devil and Big Foot are encountered.  They have to survive curses and spells.  

(20) RESTLESS SPIRITS  A ghost hunter encounters someone called Ann Marie who had died in 1849 who has many connections with other dead people who exist in the dimension of the dead.  She helps him deal with spirits around the world.  

     These twenty story prompts might help writers develop some interesting stories, books, and screenplays.  I hope you give me at least some credit for literary inspiration.  I’ll give more prompts in different genres in the future.  Good luck. 

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