I have been writing stories since I was a child. But I wrote stories that were “too old” for most children. But for those that want to write for children, here are 20 prompts that might help:  


(1) THROUGH TUFFY’S EYES  A boy has a kitty named Tuffy and one night dreams he is seeing everything through his kitty’s eyes.  


(2) GERTY THE FINICKY GOAT  A farmer has a herd of goats. One day he notices that his goat Gerty won’t eat what she is fed. He seeks the help of the local vet and he tells the farmer Gerty has become finicky. What can they do?  


(3) MOMMIES LOVE THEIR CHILDREN  This story or book helps children see how animal mommies love their offspring.  


(4) COUNTRY CAT/CITY CAT   A cat that grows up in the country visits his cousin that lives in the city and sees how he lives. His city cousin comes out to the country to see how he lives. The only things they have in common is that they are hunters and they both don’t like most dogs.  


(5) PENELOPE PORPOISE  She lives in the Pacific ocean and has an interesting life.  


(6) LOST IN THE ENCHANTED FOREST  A brother and sister enter a forest one afternoon and eventually are lost. But at night the animals, birds, and even the trees become magical talking creatures that help them.  


(7) SKINNY MINI  A little girl that is very skinny has at times a tough time in the world until she is befriended by a brother and sister that are as thin as she is.  


(8) GOOD DOG  A little boy is given a puppy and falls in love with it. The puppy eventually becomes a faithful companion.   


(9) DOLLY DEAREST  A little girl is given a talking doll that says some unexpected things when they are both alone. The doll even tells the girls some secrets about her family that disturbs them because the girl shouldn’t know them.  


(10) MY FRIEND TEDDY  A little boy gets a Teddy bear that becomes more than just a toy to him.  


(11) IF I HAD A DRAGON  After watching “Game of Thrones” a girl wishes she had a dragon just like the woman on the show. One day she finds in the woods what she thinks is a lizard. But everyday she goes out into the woods to feed it she sees changes that convinces her the lizard is actually a dragon. No one believes her when she tells them it is a dragon because when she takes her friends and brother out to see it, the dragon hides.  

     One day she runs away from home and joins the dragon that is by then larger than a horse and they fly away to another dimension to experience adventures.  


(12) GRANDMA HARRIET  Grandma Harriet is in the hospital in a coma and for some reason is able to communicate with her granddaughter who finds out things that astound her parents.  


(13) FUNNY BUNNY  The mother of a kitten is run over and the kitten is adopted by a rabbit and he joins the bunny family. When he gets older he becomes the protector of the bunnies.  


(14) SHUT YOUR MOUTH  A little boy is very talkative. He is given a challenge. Can he keep his mouth shut for a day? If he can, his dad will give him $20. But things happen that day that make it tempting to talk.  


(15) HUNGRY HARRY  A fat boy is made fun of by his classmates because he seems to be eating all the time. But he has a beautiful voice. He sings like an angel. He finally feels needed thanks to his singing voice.  


(16) ANDRIA AND ANDREW  Two children grow up together and eventually fall in love. They even become athletes and are better than most other athletes. They eventually find out they are androids.  


(17) THE WORLDS OF GARY MORGAN  A boy who likes to tell tall tales wakes up one day and finds out what he says becomes true. Every morning he wakes up he finds himself in a different world where what he says becomes true there too. How many worlds will he live in and what will be the consequences?  


(18) BUT I LIKE HER  A pre-teen boy goes to middle school and becomes friends with a black girl. His white friends don’t like it and her black friends shun her. Can friendship become a lasting loving relationship?  


(19) BABY EINSTEIN  What if a child is a super genius and no one wants to believe it? How can the child prove he is actually a 7 year-old and not a brainy dwarf?  


(20) REMOTE LEARNING  Three children in a family are forced to be remotely taught due to a pandemic. Their father buys them computers at a computer store that he happens to find one day. But the next day it doesn’t exist. The computers allow them to learn more than they would have learned in school because they are actually from the future.  


     These prompts are for stories and books for children of various ages. I hope they become stories children can enjoy in the future. 

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