During the last several years, fantasy stories and books have been very popular.  Some have become award-winning TV series and movies.  Here are twenty prompts that might produce the next award-winning TV series or movie.  


(1)  DREAM MASTER  A mighty wizard who can enter people’s minds as they sleep to shape their dreams recruits young apprentices to do what he is doing.  He starts a school he calls The School For Mind Benders.  Since this is the 21st century, his students practice their craft over the Internet.  There is even a website www.dreammaster.org.  This organization is thought of as a crazy and at times dangerous group of people who want to invade the minds of people.  

     A series of unexplained deaths of people who die in their sleep is blamed on the group and the Dream Master needs to enter the Internet to take on the person responsible for the deaths.  Eventually he discovers a person who calls herself Whisper is the one he needs to confront if he can catch her to do battle with her.  


(2) BUT THERE IS A MONSTER UNDER MY BED  A little boy complains about a monster under his bed every night to his dad and mom.  One night he feels an arm and hand on his bed and screams for his parents to come to his room because he is being attacked.  

     One day when the boy is in school, his dad puts a tiny camera under the bed facing toward the floor.  That night, the camera picks up something, but the parents think it is a glitch.  That is the night their son is seen being dragged under the bed by something and disappears. 

     The father hurries into the room and rolls under the bed when his wife sees something and enters a weird world inhabited by things that scare children.  He must find his son and rescue him before he is lost forever.  


(3) RIDING THE FIRE  A contest between a dozen of the best dragon trainers is held to see who is the best.  While they are holding their contest, a war between four tribes to see which one will control the land breaks out and the services of the trainers is bought by the tribes which means they will have to fight each other to see which one can achieve dragon supremacy.  


(4) THE FAIRY/LEPRECHAUN WAR   In the 14th century, some fairies stole a pot of leprechaun gold coins so they could grant wishes.  This vast story of intrigue and magic lasts for centuries and has numerous villains and heroes plus battles that sometimes involve humans.  


(5) BIGFOOT RIDING A UNICORN  In a world where magic is real, some characters don’t believe in mythical creatures called humans.  A bigfoot hunter follows one into a cave where he enters the world of magic.  His interaction with the people and creatures he confronts proves interesting as does his attempts to come back to his world of reality.  There are times when he doesn’t know if he actually wants to go back.  


(6) THE TREES TELL ME THEIR SECRETS  A woman that everyone thinks is more than weird claims she can talk with trees.   When she reveals some secrets that only trees might have heard, her life is in danger.  She needs to find refuge in a forest nicknamed the Enchanted Forest.  The trees protect her from harm and tell her more secrets.  


(7) FURRY AMBASSADORS  Cats and dogs that talk must become ambassadors between their species.  


(8) RHINOMAN’S MATE  A man with a horn in the middle of his head wants to find a woman he can marry and have children with.  He even saws off his horn, but it grows back almost overnight.  The only women the least bit interested in him look like crosses between humans and animals.  


(9) LIFE IN A 2-DIMENSIONAL WORLD  Someone who is three dimensional finds himself living in a two dimensional world.  He is shunned by two-dimensional people until he falls in love with a beautiful two-dimensional woman.  But would she be willing to travel to a three-dimensional world or should he stay in the world he is not accustomed to because of love?  


(10) A CHILD’S WORLD  In a world occupied by only children, a danger from another world threatens their society; adults.  


(11) PETE’S MAGIC PEN  A boy named Pete finds a pen that has the ability to turn things he draws into reality.  But he is running out of ink and needs to find a source for the magic ink.  He enters a world of magic and needs to use his pen to survive long enough until he discovers the source of the magic ink  .


(12) TOO GOOD TONY  A young man named Tony lives such a decent life that he has the nickname Too Good Tony.  People claim his parents are magical people that only know how to be good.  He falls in love with a young woman with a questionable past and wants to save her from herself and still retain his reputation.  (His parents are fairy godparents.)  


(13) FACELESS  In a world where no one has a face, people with faces are considered freaks.  Can they exist in a world of people with no faces?  


(14) MY SPECIAL PETS  A little boy is able to talk with his pets and they talk back to him as long as no one else is around to hear them.  He is able to make friends with even vicious animals  because they understand each other.  Some even come to his rescue.  


(15) FLYER  A little boy discovers he has the ability to fly by just willing himself to fly.  He finds it a lifesaver when he is chased by some bullies toward a cliff.  When he leaps into the air off of the cliff and flies away it startles them.  

     Eventually he uses his ability to fly to help others.  But the bullies are still after him and at times get in his way.  Will he gain enough friends that will protect him before they can do him in?  


(16) BUT I HATE WORMS  A bird claims he hates eating worms because he knows they are another life form.  He sticks with seeds mainly and refuses to eat anything alive.  But he will eat dead things.  He is considered weird.  


(17) THE ANGEL OF DEATH TAKES A VACATION  The angel of death decides for the first time in his existence to take a vacation and has a strange time, as expected.  But with no one dying, he is torn between having as good a time as possible and getting back to the job of taking lives.  He even falls in love and has second thoughts about getting back on the job.  


(18) JOE BTFUSPLNX  This character from the old comic strip finds himself in the real world and just as unlucky as in the comic strips.  Can anyone survive around him? 


(19) THE HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR  A blue colt is born and becomes a champion on the race track.  


(20) FALLING OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD  It is 1172 and the world is flat.  Sailors and explorers risk their lives trying to find out what is on the other side of the flat world.  If they do  manage to travel there, will they be able to come back and tell the world?  Would people believe them?  


     These 20 prompts are just a start.  If you have a vivid imagination, you might be able to exist in a fantasy universe for the rest of your life. 

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