SyFy is famous for showing monster movies. Maybe some of these prompts will show up on that network in the future.  


(1) THE JERSEY DEVIL  For nearly three centuries there have been reports of a creature in the New Jersey meadowlands. Since the mascot of the Jersey Devils hockey team is the Jersey Devil, what if the team were in Stanley Cup finals and the real Jersey Devil showed up and the fans thought it was just a mascot. But when people disappear or are found half eaten, people suspect that maybe it is the real Jersey Devil. What might happen if thousands of Devils fans go after the real thing?  


(2) BLOOD SUCKERS ORIGINS  We all know about vampires. But how did they come into existence? Could it be that centuries ago a team of interdimensional medical researchers tried to make people immortal, but an accident happened that created vampires? Maybe they decided to dump their monsters into this dimension. Can the mistake be explained and is there a cure for vampirism?  


(3) DEMON WOLVES INVADE CENTRAL PARK  With my superhero Mr. Amazing living a mile below New York City in New Drantis and he came here via Newgate’s interdimensional portal, demon wolves were going to show up someday in Central Park. They eat a bunch of homeless people and several PETA supporters. Gang members and drug dealers are in danger of being killed by these four-legged killing machines. Mr. Amazing is needed to fight these creatures.  


(4) INVADING THE DIMENSION OF DEMON WOLVES  At the store Transdimensional Unlimited there are hunting packages offered. One of the most dangerous packages allows hunters to shift to the dimension where demon wolves exist. What if a hunting party shifts there to take on the four-legged killing machines?  


(5) SUPERBUGS  What if an engineered virus has a more dangerous aspect in that it makes the virus a monster that can kill people internally in various ways? The race is on to form a vaccine that can kill the superbug before it wipes out mankind.  


(6) WINGED FIRESTORM  Two warring tribes fight each other with dragons. But what if a third tribe learns how to control dragons and takes on the first two tribes?  


(7) THUNDERBIRDS:  MASTERS OF THE SKY  It is discovered that thunderbirds actually exist. (I might have seen one in the sky over New York State) What if the Indian tribes of the American Southwest take their revenge on white people by calling for thunderbirds to destroy those they think are evil?  


(8) SEWER GATORS  In the sewers of New York City there have been alligators for decades. What if some of them feed on medical waste from a research lab that is experimenting on how to grow lab animals to five times their normal size? Imagine how enormous the alligators might become before they terrorize the sewers.  


(9) THE DEEP END OF THE GENE POOL  Researchers are trying to alter genetics of various creatures to see what will develop.  


(10) GRUBS  Giant grubs are found near a nuclear waste depository in Russia. They are voracious and will turn into flying monsters that will threaten a major city in Russia if they aren’t destroyed.  


(11) UNKILLABLE  Scientists in both China and Russia are trying to turn previously dead soldiers into unkillable warriors. But they are not alone because Islamic scientists are trying to do the same thing and attack both Russia and China.  


(12) MONSTERS OF THE VOID  During the 35th century, the starship Dromsilla ventures beyond the border of the universe into a void that is another universe. What might exist out there and can we survive?  


(13) THE TAMING OF BIGFOOT  A bigfoot researcher tracks the creatures and finally encounters one that he can tag. He discovers some amazing things about the creature.  


(14) GUT REACTION  A mysterious diet plan allows people to eat all they want after they take a daily pill and guarantees that they can lose at least 10 pounds a day. But what is the secret ingredient in the pill?  


(15) THE WEREWOLF AND THE WIDOW  It is the 1870’s in Nevada and a widow is left alone except for some creature that she feeds every night. One snowy night she takes in a naked man and falls in love with him. But he is a werewolf and fears he might kill her sometime by accident.  Can they find true love together?  


(16) BATTLE BEFORE TIME  Time traveling researchers go back to the age of the dinosaurs and do genetic research to breed creatures that are superior to dinosaurs.  


(17) SCREAMING MIMI  A woman named Mimi develops a mysterious illness that is cured by a doctor from another dimension. But when she is upset or frightened, she turn into a shrill little monster that screams so loud and at such a high pitch that ears bleed.  


(18) LEECH  A man falls into a river and is attacked by leeches that turn him into a leech.  He can grab someone in a death grip and suck out their energy when he places his mouth over their mouth.  


(19) RED WAVE TERROR  Billions of microscopic organisms have the ability to become a shape shifting creature that terrorizes the oceans of the world.  


(20) DEEP IN THE BELT  An unknown creature in the Kuyper Belt attacks miners of the planetoids and the Space Force personnel that are supposed to police the region.  


     This is a good start. Maybe I’ll see one of these ideas made into a SyFy movie that might be the father of a dozen similar stories.  

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