With this week being when we celebrate Valentine’s Day I will present 20 prompts for romantic stories and books.  

(1) THE GENIUS AND THE IDIOT  They say opposites attract.  But these two are equally repulsive.  Jason has three degrees, numerous science awards, and is devoted to his scientific projects.  Julie thinks only fish belong in schools.  How they get together in the first place is quite an interesting story.  How they manage to fall in love is almost beyond belief.  

(2) GROUPIES IN LOVE  Two of the hottest rock groups have two of the most faithful bunch of groupies in the business.  When they perform in concert, it seemed  inevitable that some of the members of the groupies would meet and fall in love.  

(3) A CENTURY OF LOVE  In the future, two people meet in experiencable programs and fall in love without showing the other partner what they look like.  They eventually marry and stay married for 100 years.   But all that time they don’t know what the other one looks like.

(4) BROTHER, SISTER, LOVERS  Two teens have a relationship at the same time their divorced parents form a relationship.  If they become step siblings, will that prevent them from being lovers? 

(5) I LOVE YOU: YOU MAKE ME SICK  Two people fall in love.  But when they get close to each other, they become sick.  Will love conquer illness or will they die trying?  

(6) NAVAL AFFAIRS  For over a century, a family of navy personnel find their wives while serving in the navy.  But will the latest member of the family find love?  

(7) BULLY  A mild-mannered man falls in love with a powerful woman who would rather be the life of the party than stay at home like he would.  She likes to control men and he fears he might become one of her victims.  Can he overcome being “Mr. Nice Guy” and win the heart of someone who is alway looking for a bad boy?  

(8) MENDING TWO BROKEN HEARTS  A psychiatrist has two patients with broken hearts due to loss that need to be healed.  They would be good together.  But would their relationship be a success and not a failure they could blame on their doctor?  

(9) LOVE FROM THE PAST  While looking at old photos, a girl who becomes a woman is shown that interests a young man.  But she was in the life of his grandfather before he married Grandma.  Would her granddaughter be interested in him or does she even exist?  

(10) LOVE DOUBLE TEAMS   A male trainer for a female basketball team pretends to be gay so he can keep his job and even has his boyfriend come to the locker room and pretend he is deeply in love with the guy.  But both men fall in love with two of the women on the team.  Will the trainer keep his job?  Can love overcome what might happen? 

(11) ALLIGATOR ANNIE  She is a gator hunter that seems to love hunting the beast more than anything else.  Can she find love before a gator brings her down?  

(12) WORLDS APART  Two researchers for the Alien Cooperation Enterprise fall in love.  But they are from two different worlds.  Can  love overcome all obstacles?  

(13) A CHILD OF WAR  A woman who was a child in Iraq comes to America and grows up to become an American citizen, but she is looked down upon by most people except for a man whose father saved her life.  

(14) LOVE OF THE FLESH  A man who frequently looks at pornography falls in love with one of the nude models.  Even though the pictures are over 20 years old, he still loves to think about her.  He travels to Russia to try and find her but instead finds true love when he sees another woman who is also a nude model.  But she is bi-sexual and has a hot partner in the business who also falls in love with the man.   What will happen next?  

(15) REPAIRING A BROKEN EGG  A man who puts up a brave front is a broken man that  seems incapable of finding love.  Can a special woman mend the man and make him whole through the power of love?  

(16) GRANDPARENTS IN LOVE  Love comes late in life for two seniors thanks to their grandchildren.  

(17) UGLY DUCKLING  A woman who was considered ugly all her life takes the job of love expert for a local newspaper.  But can she find true love?  

(18) THE LOVE STORE  A grocery store becomes a trendy place for people to hook up and the number of marriages is extraordinary.  A couple competing reporters come to the store to see why and, you guessed it, fall in love.  

(19) LOOK IN THE MIRROR  According to legend, any woman looking for love can look into a mirror and see either her true love or possibly someone who could kill her.  She just has to take her chances the man is her lover and not her killer.  

(20) HEAL YOURSELF, DOCTOR  A doctor who has a perfect record of bringing people together seems incapable of finding love for himself.    

     I could go on with more prompts.  Hopefully these will inspire romance lovers to write some great stories with happily ever after endings.  

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