Around 55 years ago some of the most popular TV shows and movies were war stories. There was “Combat”, “Hogan’s Heroes”, “12 O’Clock High,” “The Rat Patrol,” and movies that took place mainly during WW II. Back then, there were still millions of people that had fought in the war or worked in the defense plants that turned out the weapons we used to defeat fascism.  

     Today we have war in the Middle East and threatened wars in Asia.  And with the Space Force becoming a reality, the potential for interesting war stories in the future is limitless. Here are 20 prompts for war stories.  


(1) THE WAR BETWEEN THE WONDER WEAPONS  You probably know about the wonder weapons the Germans were working with during the Second World War. But even the Japanese were working on the atomic bomb back then and theirs also worked. But it came about too late to help them win the war. What if Germany, the USA, Japan, England, and the Soviet Union had developed all the wonder weapons they were capable of producing and they had been used? How would the war have been if Tesla had been working for the War Department from the beginning to the end? The possibilities are endless and there is no guarantee the Allies would have won the war.  


(2) THE WARRIORS OF THE CROSS VERSUS THE WARRIORS OF THE CRESCENT MOON  This story would take place during the Crusades. Christian and Muslim forces  fought over control of the Holy Land. Personally, I believe the treatment of the Jews determined who controlled the region. Since Christians killed Jews and the Muslims at times defended them since their common ancestor was Abraham, the region belonged to the Muslims for centuries. What if the Christians had treated the Jews properly? Would the Crusades have ended differently and would Israel have become the Jewish state centuries ago?  


(3) THE AIR WAR OVER RUSSIA  The Luftwaffe didn’t have as easy a time with the Soviet air force as it thought it would have. Some Russian planes were as fast and powerful as the best Hitler and Georing fielded. What if Migs and Yaks were piloted by pilots just as good as the Nazi pilots of the Messersmitts and Folke Wolfs? There are a lot of possibilities.  


(4) UNDERWATER TIN CANS  What if there had been submarine battles during both world wars?  


(5) THE KUYPER BELT WARS  The Space Force battles aliens in the Kuyper Belt in a series of wars during the 23rd and 24th century.  


(6) THE CONFEDERATE THRUST  As Lee and his forces fight it out in Gettysburg, what if a few thousand troops decide to bring the fighting to New York City?  


(7) THE RISING SUN VERSUS THE KINGDOM OF THE DRAGON  What if Japan had invaded China centuries ago?  


(8) WAR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD  Russian, American, and aliens fight it out in Antarctica.  


(9) BRINGING DOWN THE GATES OF ROME  The barbarians fight against the Roman legions in the fifth century.  


(10) THE OCEAN BELONGS TO THE DRAGON  China fights America in the Pacific in a naval battle larger and more destructive than what was fought during the Second World War.  


(11) VICTORIA’S WARS  During the reign of Queen Victoria, the British military fought many wars. There are a number of stories that could be written about those wars.  


(12) STARVE AN ARMY  Supplying an army with food is at times as important as supplying it with ammunition. What if enemies attacked each other by cutting off their supply lines? A war could be won or lost depending on how well fed the soldiers are.  


(13) MIND WARS  A war is fought between teams of people who use their minds as their weapons.  


(14) WAR BETWEEN SAVAGES  Vikings come to the New World in the 11th century and take on the natives.  


(15) BALLOON WARS  Before WWI, the Germans and English fight an air war with balloons and zeppelins.  


(16) TRIBAL WARS  Before white people came to the Americas, Indian tribes went to war with each other.  


(17) PAWNS  During the Middle Ages, many soldiers were common peasants that were trained in the art of war. Sometimes men joined the army because it had food and they were starving.  Many battles were fought between hungry soldiers. They were at the mercy of their commanding officers.  


(18) BATTLES A WORLD AWAY FROM HOME  A Roman admiral and general take 5000 soldiers and sailors to the New World during the second century.  


(19) ROBOT WARS  Instead of human soldiers, militaries fight wars with robots.  


(20) THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA  The Marines fight against the Mexican military during the Mexican/American War.  


     These prompts barely scratch the surface in the genre of war stories.  Good luck.  


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