I have written science fiction stories since the mid-60’s and have had four of my books published.  They are “The Madhouse Projects,” “The Russian Madhouse,” “The Belt,” and “Tales From Newgate.”  I have two other books on disk.  They are “The Mission To Worlds Beyond” and “The Adventures of Mr. Amazing.”  I will give prompts to help science fiction writers develop stories and books they might be able to have published.  I will also list some future books I intend on writing in the future if I live long enough.  I’ll list some of them in the beginning.  


(1) THE MARTIAN CONNECTION  This will be the third book in my madhouse trilogy.  Since the wife of the main character has a cousin who finds out he had ancestors that came from Mars, Mars will play a larger role in the third book in the series.  One of the things that is discovered is that a planetary empire called the Ortasians came to Mars before coming to Earth to help the Asian races become very advanced.  I mentioned the Ortasians in my book “The Belt.”  It is discovered that the Ortasians left space stations in the Kuyper Belt that are reclaimed by various space groups from this planet.  

     In “The Martian Connection” I have the underground civilization come to the surface after more of the planet is reclaimed so that space suits won’t be needed.  But the big story is the discovery of various alien species in the Kuyper Belt that have been there for millenniums.  After the Chinese steal technology from the Russian Madhouse that helps them acquire hyperlight physics, they nearly destroy the solar system.  They move on to the Kuyper Belt to take on the Americans and Russians for control of the belt which has quintillions of dollars in mineral wealth.  Since the Ortasians looked like the Chinese, the Chinese assume they should control the vast area that is larger than the inner solar system.  But they will have to deal with the species that are already there.  


(2) THE BATTLE OF HERZGOVAL  When the Ortasians were forming their empire, one of the most significant battles was the battle of Herzgoval.  After it was fought and won, the Ortasians were able to claim large stellar regions.  The battle raged for months and could have gone against the Ortasians many times.  But a miracle that many called a stroke of insanity won the battle.  


(3) THE LOST FLEET OF ORTASIA  When the Ortasians were in the Kuyper Belt they left an entire fleet hidden among the planetoids that was to be used in an emergency.  The problem is that no one with the knowledge of where the ships were located ever survived to pass the information on to others.  Whoever finds the ships could have an instant star fleet.  


(4) TRANSDIMENSIONAL UNLIMITED  This store is like a super WalMart but is over 100 times larger since it exists in multiple dimensions simultaneously.  The stories in the book, if made into a TV series on SyFy might last over ten seasons.  It will easily exceed 1,000 pages.  But there will be so many stories in the book that it might be a series of books.  


(5) ACE  This will be a series of books about the Alien Cooperation Enterprise started by President McKinley in 1897 when he met with a group of men from another dimension that wanted our dimensions to send people to their dimension to help protect Earth from evil aliens.  Our people have more imagination than many people in other dimensions don’t have so they will become valuable assets for the agency that will be so secretive that even the CIA is in the dark about it.  The alien technology that I will deal with will make known alien technology seem antique.  I mentioned ACE in “Tales From Newgate” and “The Russian Madhouse.”  


(6) BEYOND THE KNOWN UNIVERSE  During the 25th century, a starship is able to travel beyond the known universe so far that it is totally black around the ship and this universe can not be seen.  Is there another universe out there or maybe a series of universes?  The starship is totally alone and lost for all anyone knows in this universe.  


(7) OPENING PANDORA’S BOX  A small group of hackers hack into something known as Pandora’s Box and find out why it should never be opened.  


(8) UNRAVELING THE TIMELINE  After  a time machine is perfected, a group of malicious people attempt to change the timeline so much that they might prevent them from returning to their home time.  


(9) GOING DEEP INTO THE SYSTEM  An internet investigator tracks down hackers and others that abuse the internet and people that use it.  With EPUs being a part of everyday life, the investigator heads an agency that calls itself Deep Search.  He has both human and AI agents that go deep into the system to help others.  


(10) REVENGE OF THE CANCELED  In the near future, the cancel culture is fought against by those that have been canceled.  


(11) MACHINE POLITICS  In the future, a new political party is founded that competes against the Democrats and Republicans and has early successes that lead eventually to a Presidential candidate that is the first woman that is smart, beautiful, and very capable of being President.  The Democrats and Republicans claim she is more like a programmed candidate with artificial intelligence than a human.  When she wins the Presidency, she reveals that she is an android and has to battle politicians from both established parties.  You thought Donald Trump had problems.  Imagine how the first android will be treated.  


(12) THE CURSE OF IMMORTALITY  Medical researchers in another dimension discover how to make people immortal.  But some accidents happen that bring about the existence of vampires and werewolves and other types of immortals.  The researchers want to correct their mistakes.  But are they too late?  


(13) TWELVE HOURS FROM EARTH  The first spaceship that is supposed to exceed the speed of light is built.  It is supposed to travel to the space station Yukon in the Kuyper Belt that is twelve light hours away.  To prove the ship has reached the station and returned at a speed in excess of the speed of light, items are exchanged.  If the ship returns to the earth space station Geosynch One in less than twelve hours, the item received on Yukon will be seen before the people on the station see the exchange.  But with an astrophysics professor on the ship exchanging the items, he knows his career might end if the ship exceeds the speed of light.  Is he willing to sacrifice his career without doing something drastic?  


(14) FRANKENSTEIN’S LABORATORY  In  the Russian Madhouse is a section known as Frankenstein’s Laboratory.  It is where medical research is performed that could be done by Dr. Frankenstein.  


(15) STICKS AND STONES AND WATER  The cooks and chefs of Newgate, New York go to France during the 1950’s to take on the best cooks and chefs in the nation after they acquire a new generation of food and beverage replicator that can make food and beverages that look, smell, and taste like the real things.  Will they be able to pull off the deception without being found out?  


(16) BEYOND ECSTASY  A house of prostitution on another world offers sexual pleasure that far exceeds anything experienced in other houses of prostitution.  


(17) MIND WORM  A criminal is able to infect the minds of people to do crimes for him via the internet.  But he is chased by “The Exterminator” that wants to stop his criminal activities before he can do something that is so evil that the world might be in danger.  


(18) THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH  A science fiction writer writes stories and books that have limited success until he writes a book that reveals information thought to be fictional, but it is so close to the truth that is top secret that people go after him to silence him while others want to use him to get more information out of him  


(19) A CERTAIN MAN  A time traveler travels to various periods in the past to help people achieve what they are famous for.  He doesn’t want to be known as the person responsible for their success.  He sometimes has to make drastic changes but fears he will be discovered as a time traveler since he knows too much about the future and has items that are not of the time period he exists in.  


(20) THE OTHER CIVIL WAR  Time travelers from New York and New Jersey take on time travelers from Alabama and Georgia during the Civil War.  Each side has advanced technology.  But is it enough to change the outcome of the war or keep it on track for a Union victory?  


     These are a good start for future stories and books.  I hope they inspire writers to come up with great stories and books. 

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