Science Fiction Themes for Your Next Book

Science fiction buffs are always looking for the next big thing—for new stories of worlds and universes we never knew existed and cutting-edge ideas, unlike anything we’ve ever read. Thus, authors today are exploring and seeing where humanity’s science fiction dreams might take them. 

Science fiction’s look on the non-realistic mode of imaginative creation of the human age is what makes it popular to this day and possibly in the coming years. Its domain ranges from the Earth we know of to the impact of actual or imagined science on society. Like its cousin, fantasy, sci-fi is a type of speculative fiction that employs elements that are foreign to readers. Within this unfamiliar situation are real human concerns and issues explored in an entirely different light. This makes its popularity two-fold. 

Sci-fi books like, The Russian Madhouse by Badman, are often a vehicle used to comment on contemporary society, the immediate future, as well as the scientific and technological advancements that may impact humanity, society, and the Earth as a whole. Science fiction writers arduously study technology, the challenges and issues faced by the world, including the ones that yet to exist to develop a fantastical but enlightening novel. 

Science fiction is a creative genre that will take readers on adventures from faraway galaxies to cyber-dystopian worlds and everything in between, introducing readers to otherworldly characters and technologies along the way. So what themes are science fiction authors going to gravitate towards as “the next big thing”? Below are themes that you can tackle in your next book. 

Space Opera

The success of the Star Trek and Star Wars films and novels served as the gateways to written space operas for the general public. Space operas have and will always remain a popular theme to write on partly because of these classics and how exciting sci-fi stories under this are. For that, more aspiring writers are inclined to write based on this theme. Space opera is a real-world subgenre of science fiction that emphasizes romantic adventure, exotic places, and larger-than-life characters in a galactic or intergalactic setting.

Writing about this theme usually contains elements of spacefaring civilization set in the far future or in a galaxy far, far away. Technology featured is ubiquitous and secondary to the story. Characters tend to be epic, considering that the universe is big and that there are many sprawling civilizations out there, often in political conflicts and intrigue. Authors are getting creative with space travel and exploration in their novels, and everyone is excited to read about them. 

Artificial Intelligence

Human-like robots have always been popular in science fiction, but expect a rise in artificial intelligence fiction due to the advancement of the technology that is currently happening in the world. Machines can now learn, apply logic, and be creative. Artificial intelligence is already among us in real life, i.e., smart assistants and driverless cars. 

Artificial intelligence isn’t a new concept; it’s a recurrent theme in science fiction, whether utopian, emphasizing potential benefits or dangers. See, there’s always a potential story in technological and scientific innovation. All you have to think is what impact will this technology have on manufacturing, art, workplaces, or in society as a whole? Will it be good or bad? Artificial intelligence is a trending theme that science fiction novelists are slowly leaning towards to because it’s pretty easy to imagine how this could go very wrong for humans very quickly. 

Pandemic Fiction

Our ongoing struggle with the pandemic has fueled the creative juices of writers today. While there are science fiction novels exploring of an outbreak in the past, novelists find the currents outbreaks and high stakes so compelling. Pandemic-flavored fiction has always been there that has been an interesting read but never put into the mind of many readers nor writers. But as real-life became dystopian in the terrifying, uncertain months of 2020, many found comfort reading stories of viruses even worse than we have in classics like Emily St Jon Mandel’s Station Eleven. People have always used fiction to process the world in times of crisis, and writers put it into writing. Many books you’ll likely see released this year will be explicitly pandemic-set, the elements of isolation, virus spreading, panic, natural disaster, global instability, and social upheaval that accompany a worldwide disease. It is likely that the event, which is globally dominated by 2020, will be influencing writing for years to come. 

The themes in this list have all been tackled by science fiction before, in one shape or the other. But as we get closer to high technological advancements, they will take on new importance in our life and be relevant, so the stories developed around them will be new and unlike previous ideas. These themes are only three of the myriad of themes to help kick-start your next science fiction novel. 




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