Loose lips sink ships.  Uncle Sam wants you.  Space, the final frontier.   These are famous slogans that millions of people know.  You’re in good hands with Allstate.  It’s finger licking good.  These are famous too and have been around longer than I have.  If you’re not able to write a memorable book, try coming up with a memorable slogan.  If you get good at it, you might be asked to come up with more slogans.  

     If you want to develop slogans for companies, agencies, and people, there are things you need to keep in mind.  First, the slogan must be honest.  In WW II the  slogan loose lips sink ships was true.  The Nazi wolfpacks were on the Atlantic wanting to sink as many ships as possible.  If somebody working for the Navy knew when the next convoy was going to be sent to England, just mentioning the schedule to a neighbor might mean the information was going to be sent to Berlin if the neighbor served the Fatherland.  Posters were made of the slogan which was one of the most memorable slogans of the war.  There is no telling how many lives were saved thanks to this slogan.  

   Kentucky Fried Chicken is famous for the slogan finger licking good.  I remember when I was  a kid going to the grand opening of a KFC and Colonel Sanders was there.  He was shorter than I expected.  The chicken truly is finger licking good.  It is something that is almost a reflex action.  When I eat chicken with my hands I usually lick my fingers.  The Colonel made something that used to be unacceptable acceptable.  A friend of mine in New York was told not to lick her fingers.  Thanks to the Colonel it is fine.  I never complained when I saw her lick her fingers because it was natural.  

     Slogans must be enticing at times.  The famous poster that showed Uncle Sam pointing at people passing by it that had the slogan Uncle Sam wants you was based on an older poster from the time of the Boer War.  It showed Lord Kitchener pointing his finger like Uncle Sam did with the slogan I Want You.  It was a recruitment poster the military used in England to appeal to the patriotism of the young men who they needed to fight the Boers in South Africa.  The Boer War was fought around the same time we fought the Spanish American War.  It happened from 1899 to 1902 and was when concentration camps were used to separate the Dutch population from the British.  They got their name from the fact that thousands of people were concentrated into a small area where starvation, disease, and death were expected.  They were created by Kitchener to control the Boer population out of existence.  The I want you slogan has survived for around a century and a quarter.  

     Slogans need to be memorable.  I’ll give some examples to show my point.  If I were introducing a new service to the public like a taxi service which would be more memorable?  Ride with us and we will take you anywhere you need to go fast, safely, and at a very reasonable price that you will want to brag to your friends.  Or would you remember this slogan better?  The best ride for the best price.  This slogan is short and precise.  Some of the best slogans are short.to make them memorable.  I used to live in New York, THE EMPIRE STATE.  That slogan has been around so long that I have no idea how old it is.  But it is certainly memorable.  VIRGINIA IS FOR LOVERS has been a slogan since the 20th century and is used by the department of tourism for that state.  One slogan that is very true and can be taken a few different ways is CALIFORNIA:  IT’S A STATE OF MIND.  I visited the state in 1995 before it went insane.  COVID, homelessness, illegal aliens, an out-of-control government, and people who think it’s normal to be weird has made California different from all the other states in the union.  You would think with some of the most brilliant minds in the world that live in the state would know how to use advanced technology to benefit from the mineral wealth of the state and also make it better.  

     Slogans should be perfect matches for what they represent.  Then again, politicians like slogans and they hope the voters believe they are true.  THE MAN WITH THE PLAN.  Politicians like to be known as this even if their plan is faulty.  Voters want it to be true.  If I were a lawyer and wanted a slogan that was a commitment it might be: MY CLIENTS DESERVE JUSTICE AND GET IT.  It is something a lawyer should always expect.  When it is true, clients will always expect it.  If a restaurant is the best place in town for diners, the slogan should proudly proclaim that fact.  When it lives up to the slogan, it should stay in business for as long as it wants to stay open.  

     If you are good at coming up with slogans, you’ll always have customers.  And you can take that to the bank.  

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