When people think about the future there are various things they associate with what is ahead.  We see some of the things in movies that take place in the future.  Here are ten things that might change the future for the better.  

1 FLYING CARS   Flying cars seem to be a prerequisite for the future.  For over a century, people have been trying to merge the airplane with the automobile.  Most attempts have verged on the ridiculous.  But If my double-field motive system works, we could have leviated cars.  If a field displacement engine which uses a circulating field that displaces the electromagnetic fields of the earth can be built, we could have a practical flying car that woud fly like a UFO.  In my book “The Madhouse Projects” I wrote about cars that used the double-field motive system to levitate and a field displacement engine to fly.  If both are possible, the age of the Jetsons will be ushered in. 

2 HYPERLIGHT PHYSICS  If we ever find a way to exceed the speed of light, the future will forever be changed.  Within a decade after hyperlight physics becomes reality, Star Trek and Star Wars will seem quaint.  Hyperlight physics will allow people to do what is now impossible.  The periodic table of elements might double or triple in size and many people will think they are God because they will have nearly god-like abilities.  Science and technology will change so much that up until hyperlight physics becomes a reality it will be as if we were in a closet.  After hyperlight physics becomes reality it will be like opening the door and entering the Superdome.  

3 TELEPORTATION  Transporters would change the way we travel so dramatically it will be like the time when man first learned how to ride horses.  According to rumors I heard, the Navy and the Air Force attempted to teleport people and might have been successful, but the people were changed so much that they had to have altered food that could be digested since normal food was no long digestible.  The Philadelphia Experiment which tried to make the Eldridge invisible accidentally teleported it from one location to another that was hundreds of miles away.  Once teleportation can be made safe, it will be like walking through a doorway.  It should be that simple and safe.  And since it is spacial, if a fly is on your shoulder when you enter the transporter, it will still be on your shoulder when you step out of the destination transporter.  

4 REPLICATORS  We all know how simple on Star Trek it is to walk up to a food replicator and tell it what you want and then moments later it appears.  In the future, food, beverages, and objects like gold and silver coins will be replicated.  The device will be nuclear-powered since there will be transmutation of elements.  In my book “Tales From Newgate” I wrote about replicators that can change sticks, stones, and water into food that tastes like real food.  In another book I wrote I had the replicators able to read minds to provide the type of food and beverages people can think of.  As for making silver and gold coins, there would have to be a limit to prevent the flling prices for the precious metals.

5 STRATOTOWERS  These buildings will be miles high and held up externally by electromagnetic energy beams.  The foundation levels will plunge almost as deep into the earth to reach geothermal energy sources to generate the energy for the support beams and to power the building which will at times be a vertical city since some will have over a million permanent residents.  When I showed the concept to an architect at the American Institute For Architecture in Washington in 1981 he told me it might be possible during the 21st century.  He even suggested using geothermal energy and having deep foundation levels where sports arenas and exhibition venues and concert halls could be located to generate revenue for the construction of the top portion of the building.  The next idea might allow the buildings to generate billions of dollars.  

6 EXPERIENCABLE PROGRAM UNITS  Virtual reality gives us a taste of what might be ahead of us.  EPUs will allow people to experience programs and events and even other people.  If a baseball team like the Cubs were to move to a foundation level of the Frank Lloyd Wright Stratotower in Chicago, they wouldn’t need to travel to other ballparks because each will have transporters.  There might be upwards to 200 games played every year depending on how many teams are in the leagues.  If an average of a million people experienced each game and paid $20 per game of a 185 game season, the Cubs could make $3.7 billion.  If the Cubs went to the playoffs and World Series and played 15 games in total, there might be an average of 100 million people experiencing each game and paying an average of $200 per game.  That’s another $300 billion.  If the money is distributed properly, a pitcher might earn more money per pitch than the average person earns in a year today.  The potential earning ability of the foundation levels athletic teams could easily afford to pay for the construction of the rest of the building.  

7 REJUVINATION  Once doctors learn how to reverse the aging process, a person could become his or her optimum age and remain that physical age for the rest of their lives.  Imagine living to be older than Methulselah and feeling no older than you were when you were 25.  We’ll have to go out into space just to relieve the population boom.  

8 REPULSION-DRIVE ENGINES  Forget matter/antimatter engines of Star Trek.  Repulsion-drive engines might allow spaceships to travel beyond the borders of the universe.  According to hyperlight physics, it would take less energy to travel 10,000 light-years at high hyperlight speed thanks to repulsion-drive engines than traveling 10 light-years at sublight speed.  Whether that is true is something I hope we find out maybe sometime during our lifetime.  

9 TERAFORMATION OF PLANETS AND MOONS  In my book “The Russian Madhouse” and the unpublished book “Thirty Years After Viking” which I completed in 1979 and left with Universal Studio in London I wrote about using field towers to generate electromagnetic fields that can contain an atmosphere.  If that is possible, it may be possible in the future to travel to Mars and never need a spacesuit.  That will make interplanetary travel more attractive and a future vacation possibility.  

10 INTERDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL  If there are other dimensions, once we learn how to shift to other dimensions, we might discover other worlds that are as different as night and day.  There might be evidence of shifting in that angels can appear and disappear at will.  When Jesus Christ was able to walk through the midst of a crowd and not be touched and walk through walls to appear before his disciples, it is possible that he shifted into another dimension.  Even Heaven and Hell might be in other dimensions.  I wrote about that in my book “Tales From Newgate.”  If we learn how to shift to other dimensions, we will have to acknowledge that there is a multiverse and not just a universe.  Physics as we know it may depend on there being other dimensions.  

     There are other things that will make the future the future.  But these ten things could be a part of the future that will make it an exciting time to live.  

Image by: Roosevelt Matos Lima from: flickr.com

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