The Ultimate Advice to Aspiring Science Fiction Authors

Many people love to read science fiction. Not only is it an amazingly broad genre that covers a wide variety of themes (from post-apocalyptic world to extraterrestrial life), but it can also feed the curiosity and fuel the imagination of the readers. Writing science fiction can be just as fun as reading it. Numerous authors indeed love to write stories under science fiction because of the great amount of creative freedom that the genre offers. The literary world is filled with science fiction authors that create groundbreaking and mind-blowing stories.

Rick Badman is a great example of an author with an impressive talent and enormous passion for writing science fiction stories. He first became interested in the genre around fifty-five years ago. Since then, Rick Badman has already written a number of science fiction stories that primarily aim to have the public discover his ideas about futuristic technology and its effects on the world. In general, Rick Badman’s best science fiction books so far include The Madhouse Projects, Tales from Newgate, and The Russian Madhouse.

If you want to be a science fiction author just like Rick Badman, then you are on the right page! This article contains the ultimate advice to aspiring science fiction authors.

Applying logic is absolutely essential

As a science fiction author, it is important that you always consider logic in your writing. Logic can either make or break your story. Logic does not necessarily mean that your story has to be factual. Instead, it just needs to be believable. Your science fiction story needs to be as close to the truth as possible. Your storytelling should be real within the context of its world, and the actions and dialogues of your characters should be reasonable and coherent.

To ensure that your story follows logic, do your research and examine your story several times. Make sure to always get your historical facts right. Aside from this, remember to follow the rules of your own invented world all the time, no matter when or where you have set it. Do not force logically inconsistent dialogues and motives in your characters just to move the plot in a particular direction. Remember, logic can make or break your story. Even the smallest logical flaw in your story can cause the readers to lose interest in it and keep them from reading until the end.

Some ideas only sound absurd until they are written

Science fiction is a genre in which you can write about almost anything – alien invasion, robot takeover, zombie apocalypse, and more. There is really no limit in choosing what kind of a science fiction story you are going to write for as long as it is still believable and ethically acceptable. When writing a science fiction story, you need not to constrain your ideas and inhibit your imagination.

Be as imaginative and creative as possible. Consider all of the ideas that come into your mind no matter how ridiculous you think they are. Remember, some ideas only sound absurd until they are written. You own your story, and you determine the rules of your invented world. So, it is only you who can decide whether or not your ideas are absurd. Do not be afraid to talk about new, unconventional things in your science fiction story. At the same time, however, learn how to filter out the ideas that you think will not work.

Originality is the key to success

Originality is very important in writing any kind of story. In science fiction, particularly, originality is the key to success. Every year, thousands of science fiction stories are being written and published. Bookshelves on this section are usually filled with a lot of options for the readers. Because of this, if you want your story to stand out among the rest, then you need to make it original, unique, and very imaginative.

Shy away from recycling cliché storylines in your science fiction story. As much as possible, come up with fresh and groundbreaking concepts that you think the readers of the genre will patronize. Again, do not be afraid to consider your story ideas. It is better to have a ridiculous-sounding idea for your science fiction story than an overused one.

Overall, it is not easy to write a science fiction story, but it can be learned. When you constantly read literary works under this genre, you will soon find yourself getting the hang of writing science fiction. Just like Rick Badman, everyone can become a science fiction author with enough knowledge, practice, and passion. Hopefully, the pieces of advice given in this article will help you jumpstart your science fiction writing career.


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