Here are twenty new mystery prompts.  I hope they get through. I have no idea what happened to 16 prompts I sent. So here are 20 new prompts.  


(1) BODIES IN THE BASEMENT   A homeowner has foundation problems and hires a contractor to investigate. After opening the floor, bodies are discovered. No one knows who they are or how they got there.  


(2) THE MISSING BRANCH  A woman wants to find out about her ancestors and uses two genealogy companies to discover who her ancestors were. But there are some differences that can’t be explained.  


(3) THE BARRELS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RIVER.  In New York City, the East River is the legendary dumping spot for the mob of bodies. Some of those bodies are found in barrels, but they aren’t mob victims. Who are they and why are they there?  


(4) DEATH CAR  A classic car collector buys a car that has a deadly past. It is a Packard that was built during the 30’s. But there is no record who owned it originally because the paperwork is missing. But so far the body count is above a dozen.  


(5) DEAD STICK LANDING  A private plane lands at a municipal airport with the pilot dead at the controls. But the plane has no flight plan and no one knows who the pilot is. The more they investigate, the more questions are created.  


(6) LIBRARY OF THE WEIRD  A library starts placing strange books on the shelves. But none of the staff put them there and at night, patrons near closing time report seeing people that appear out of nowhere and disappear before the doors are locked. Also, there are reports of lights in the library during the early hours of the day hours before the library opens.  


(7) GHOST SHIP  A ghost ship is seen often before a disaster. Sailors try to approach it. But it always seems to be on the horizon and vanishes before anyone can get close enough to it to discover what the vessel is.  


(8) SHADOW BOXING  Mysterious shadows are seen in a gym, but there are no boxers near them. Are they ghosts?  


(9) THREE TREES IN A CEMETERY  At an old cemetery there are several trees that have been there for over two centuries. But people claim to see bodies hanging from three of them.  


(10) VOICE OF AN ANGEL  Some people that were contemplating suicide claim they heard a voice that convinced them to not kill themselves. But no one knows who the person is. The person tells them what they need to hear as if they are Heaven sent.  


(11) SAFE HOUSE  When people are in need of help, a house appears out of nowhere and they find help. Is the house even from this dimension?  


(12) HIGHWAY PATROL  People claim that there are people that appear on a highway to help others. No one knows where they come from. But they appear when needed.  


(13) TRAIN WHISTLE AT NIGHT  Between midnight and dawn a train is heard. But no one knows where the train is because there are no records of a train even being in the tracks at that time. Could it be a ghost train?  


(14) THE BUILDING THAT DIDN’T EXIST  A man enters a building one day and a month later returns, but the building isn’t there. What happened? Did he go to another address and the building actually exists? Did he shift to another dimension?  


(15) IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE  Two people enter a forest and emerge into a strange land that looks unlike what they expect. When they walk through the forest again, they emerge into another strange land and have no idea where they are.  


(16) THE ONE-SIDED DOOR  A strange door appears in old buildings and when people walk through them they are never seen again.  


(17) THE LAST BUS ON THE ROAD TO HELL  A major forest fire occurs and a dozen people are stranded. When it looks like they are going to die, a bus appears out of nowhere. Where did it come from and will the people escape?  


(18) THE LATE EDITION  A newspaper publishes stories that are yet to happen. But it isn’t just a day ahead. Sometimes it’s years in the future. But none of the stories are wrong. How is this possible?  


(19) GOLD FISH  Fishermen in Alaska catch fish that have gold in their guts. Where did the fish find the gold?  


(20) THE DRAGON PROTECTOR  In a Chinatown, a crime wave occurs. Then one night a dragon is seen that protects some restaurants and Chinese merchants. Where did it come from and will it protect the citizens from now on?  


     These are twenty prompts that might inspire some mystery writers to write some interesting stories and books.  


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