The oldest stories ever written were probably dramatic stories. Here are twenty prompts that might help writers continue the long tradition.  


(1) JASPER GREEN  He is a man that has a part-time job working as a janitor in an office building. His job is pretty normal and his keys allow him to go almost anywhere in the building. One day he sees some things he wasn’t supposed to see. That is when his life changes. He doesn’t know if it is good or bad. But each week he gets ten $100 bills in the mail and a note that says if he wants to keep getting the money, he will not tell anyone what he saw. Will guilt cause him to tell the police what he saw or will the payoff convince him to be silent?  


(2) RACE TO THE BOTTOM  With the new plasma drilling moles allowing miners to bore down miles further than what was possible with conventional drilling moles, the race is on to bore down to rich mineral deposits and diamonds as big as your head. But the deeper one goes, the more dangers are possible. Can people go too deep or are the chances of becoming filthy rich worth the risk?  


(3) THE INFORMANT  Being an informant is like being a dynamite juggler. You can die in an instant if something goes wrong. But when you’re an informant against both the mob and crooked government officials, the sticks are lit and your arms are tired. Can the informant survive long enough to testify against the ones he knows too much about?  


(4) THE LEGLESS MARATHON RUNNER  A quadraplegic is promised that he will be able to function like a normal person once an experimental surgery with electronic implants is performed. But what are the side-effects?  


(5) FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE  A boxer that is too old to fight in the ring and win discovers that his grandson needs an expensive operation. But the only way to get the money in time is if he boxes one more time and wins.  


(6) PRISONER IN A BOX  A woman doesn’t want to leave her apartment because she can order things in and see friends via the internet. But when the worst blizzard in a century hits the city and her power goes out, she is like a prisoner. Will she survive?  


(7) THE OCEAN SUCKS  Two teenage boys and a teenage girl are on the ocean with their grandfathers on a fishing trip the three youngsters don’t want to be on. But all five discover more than fish exist in the ocean.  


(8) 1278 SOUTH FORSYTH ROAD  If houses could talk, what would one that has been around for nearly two centuries tell about the occupants?  


(9) DANCE UNTIL YOU DROP   A man has a good job that he works at sometimes for 80 hours in a week. But he also has three girlfriends that don’t know about each other. What could possibly go wrong?  


(10) THE IDIOT  Bob is one of the smartest people in the world. But around women he is an idiot.  Is there hope for him and a chance for love?  


(11) THE MAN WHO COULD SEE TOMORROW  Greg works for a newspaper as a reporter. He comes upon an old man he thought at the start was a bit crazy. But he tells him about things that are going to happen and is proven correct. Greg takes advantage of his ability to get the scoop on other reporters. But can his identity remain a secret and Greg still get the credit for information he shouldn’t know about early?  


(12) HANK’S GREATEST HITS  A hitman sells his services to the highest bidders. But he has competition and it’s murder. Can he survive to be able to retire on his terms?  


(13) HELL IS FOR WIMPS  A band of mercenaries go to Hell-holes around the world to take on the worst people in the world. Can they survive to a ripe old age?  


(14) THE NONEXISTENT MAN  Technically he shouldn’t exist. He has a fantastic imagination and talks about the future as if he lives there. Can he discover people who can use his talents and abilities, or will he remain a frustrated nobody?  


(15) IN A CROWD OF STRANGERS  A couple move to a new community where the neighbors seem to hate them. Can they win them over or will they be forced to move again?  


(16) PLAYING THE HAND YOU’RE DEALT  Two youngsters from broken homes meet each other in school and form a bond that is greater than love. But they each have some physical problems that are affecting their lives. Can their bond last?  


(17) DOCTOR FEEL-GOOD  A physical therapist is good with his hands and the women he deals with like it. But will their husbands and boyfriends find out how good?  


(18) REWARDING BAD DEEDS  A lobbyist in Washington needs to make deals with politicians that are on the fringe of being criminal. But the pay and influence keeps him doing what he does best; pay off people to do what other people want them to do. Can he keep it up or will he do something wrong that could get him sent to prison?  


(19) NO ONE IS OUT THERE  A person insists people are trying to break into their house. The police investigate and find no one. But is that true?  


(20) USELESS  A young woman is a writer and composer. But her parents think she is wasting her time. Can she become a success before her parents marry her off to someone she doesn’t love?  


     These prompts should make some interesting stories and books. Get to your keyboards and write.  

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