As a science fiction writer, I love to write what if stories.  Some popular TV shows and movies deal with what if.  “The Man In the High Tower” is such a program.  It is about America if we lost the Second World War.  Germany controls the Eastern part of America while Japan controls the West Coast.  Those that want to get rid of the Germans and Japanese live in the heart of America.  

     Another what if program that is very popular is “The Walking Dead.”  What if the world was inhabited by zombies?  Could civilization survive and maybe come back to a semblance of normal?  

     What if is mind expanding and could require a lot of research if you want to write a good story.  Science fiction writers live in universes of what if.  I try to have most of my books exist in the same universe that has the city of Newgate, New York.  It is a city founded by people from another dimension.  My two madhouse books and the upcoming one “The Martian Connection”  will have Newgate as a “real” city.  Actually, the original madhouse book was written before I wrote “Tales From Newgate.”  But Newgate is like other fictional cities like Gotham City, Metropolis, and Smallville.  The big difference is that Newgate was founded as an interdimensional portal city that has access to numerous dimensions.  Unlike time travel in which people go forward and backward in time and possibly change the future, interdimensional shifting to other dimensions doesn’t affect this dimension.  If I were to shift to a dimension and save Lincoln from an assassin’s bullet, it wouldn’t prevent the Lincoln in this dimension from dying.  When you consider that Lincoln was suffering from Marfan’s disease, he might have been dead by autumn in 1865.  

     Here are some ideas for what if stories.  You might come up with interesting stories or books that might be good enough to be made into a TV program or movie.  

     An android that passes himself off as a human wins the presidency and begins to govern America.  Would he rule like a human or would he side with computers and robots?  Would he agree with the high-tech masters that want to rule the world no matter if it is run by humans or synthetics?  Could he use synthetic reasoning to develop solutions to problems that humans have failed to solve?  Would there be a malfunction as what often happens in science fiction stories?  In my book “Tales From Newgate” I wrote a chapter about a President from Newgate that wants to introduce Applied Capitalism into the nation to allow people to have more economic control of the country instead of the government controlling them with taxes and programs that hinder them.  The President’s campaign manager wants to have him killed because he has powerful friends that don’t like the idea that average people can become as rich as they are.  

     What if Hitler were killed by men in the Nazi Party in 1931 and someone more reasonable were to come to power that had the same goal of world domination as he had?  How would WW II have turned out?  Would Germany have used its wonder weapons earlier to turn the tide of war?  Would it have partnered with the Soviet Union and split up the world into a Communist Asia and a Nazi Europe and Americas?   What about the Japanese?  Would they still have an empire they tried to expand during the 30’s and 40’s?  In order to write a book speculating on how the world would have been if Hitler had been killed before coming to power, you might have to do a lot of research.  There are many experts that might help you and biographies of people that might have filled the power gap left by Hitler.  It could be fun if you want to do the reference work.  

     What if we had not only landed on the moon but would have established a base that would have allowed us to travel to Mars by the turn of the 21st century?  Would we have partnered with the aliens that supposedly inhabit the moon on the back side of the moon?  Would we have gone on to the Kuyper Belt as I will write about in my next madhouse book?  We have a lot of stories about us not landing on the moon like the movie “Capricorn One.”  When I was in England in 1979 during the tenth anniversary of the moon landing I met a woman who didn’t believe we landed on the moon because it was recorded in a studio as shown in that movie.  I read a few years ago in a science magazine that the moon landing happened because he had a powerful enough telescope that allowed him to see the LEM take off from the moon because he saw the moon dust rise as the lander rose from the moon.  

     There is evidence that people came to North America long before Columbus sailed to this hemisphere.  The program “The Curse of Oak Island” deals with a remnant of men from the Knights Templar coming to Oak Island during the 14th century possibly burying the holy grail in the money pit.  What if the Americas had been known by the Roman Empire and a part of the empire?  Would this have been called the Americas?  Would the Roman legions have destroyed the empires of the Aztecs and Incas?  There are a lot of possibilities.  

     I have a friend I call Crazy Dan that wishes the Internet didn’t exist and thinks that if it were to go away tomorrow it would take years for it to exist again.  I say it would be up and running in a matter of weeks.  Speculate.  Who do you think would be proven right?  

     What if aliens came to earth and offered to partner with us to explore the universe?  Would we trust them?  Or would we have tried to dominate them after we achieved technical equality?  I’ll be dealing with that subject in my next book.  At least that is my intention.  If I write my ACE series, I will deal with our people dealing with aliens and interdimensionals to prevent earth from being used as a proving ground by evil aliens.  I mention ACE in “The Russian Madhouse.”  I also mentioned it in my book “Tales From Newgate.”  What if ACE (Alien Cooperation Enterprise) actually existed?  

     There are several books that deal with what if.  I’ve read some stories that are interesting and thought provoking.  Who knows?  Maybe you could be the next great “what if” writer that writes a book that will be made into a movie that earns over $1 billion in the theaters.  I’ll be dealing with hyperlight physics in my next book.  What if it became real physics and we could exceed the speed of light?  The possibilities are endless.  WHAT IF?   

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