Wisdom Is Not the Same as Knowledge

      A lot of people think they are philosophers just because they think they are smarter than most people.  But wisdom is not the same as knowledge.  Knowledge is like an instruction book while wisdom is the ability to use the instructions properly.  

     If you think you are a philosopher, make sure you know how to use knowledge effectively.  I’ll give some examples.  

      There have been poor people throughout history.  Poverty is not the result of a lack of money.  Poverty is often a mindset.  Get-rich schemers have the philosophy that people can get rich through luck, taking advantage of people, and knowing the right people who have connections to wealth.  They often write books about how to get rich and how easy it is to obtain the easy life.  

     The problem is that they are the only ones that get rich because there are enough gullible people out there that believe they can get rich by reading get-rich-quick books.  Ben Franklin was a philosopher in his book “Poor Richard’s Almanac.”  He wrote EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE MAKES A MAN HEALTHY, WEALTHY, AND WISE.   In the real world, that is rarely the case.  I used to have a job that required me to clock in at ten minutes before 6 in the morning.  I went to bed early.  But I wasn’t always healthy and I was far from wealthy and wise.  During Ben Franklin’s era, farmers went to bed early and awoke early to work their farms.  They were often healthy.  But most farmers were not wealthy.  Those that were wise became wise after years of practical experience.  If they weren’t wise they wouldn’t be farmers for years.  Then again, if they were really wise they would start a produce business like a farmer’s market so they could sell directly to the public instead of to store owners or other middlemen.  Ben Franklin knew men that used to be out late at night gambling away their money, or drinking in taverns until they were drunk, or sleeping with prostitutes that took their money.  Rich people didn’t become rich by sleeping in till after noon.  Unless they were born rich, they worked hard, often worked late into the night and got up early to do their work, and made themselves needed by the public.  Bankers may not have been liked by everyone because they were rich while others that needed money but failed to get it from them were poor.  But the bankers wouldn’t have become rich if they weren’t wise enough to invest money in certain people that were able to pay back their loans.  Ben Franklin was a keen observer of people and their lifestyles.  The lifestyle of a lazy person was one of sleeping instead of working, eating and drinking to excess, living an unhealthy life, and doing unwise things.  It was rare for a lazy person to become rich.  

     If I were to make a more accurate statement about becoming healthy, wealthy, and wise I might have written HAVE AND DO WHAT PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR AND DO IT CONSISTENTLY AND YOU MIGHT BECOME WEALTHY.  Professional athletes, quality writers, and fine actors are examples of this philosophical statement.  They worked hard to get to where they were and it paid off.  Bill Gates didn’t become at one time the richest man in the world by being lucky.  He knew about computers, what he needed, who he needed, where to go, what to do, and how to get things done.  His hard work and faith in his abilities made him a billionaire.  He also offered what people wanted and when they became dependent on it, he cashed in on their dependence and continues to cash in on it.  

     There is another philosophy taught by Jesus Christ that could make the world a lot better place to live in.  LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.  If you love yourself, you’re supposed to love your neighbor just as much.  When Jesus was asked by someone who his neighbor was, he told the story about the Good Samaritan.  To the people he was talking to, Samaritans were considered scum of the earth.  Why would a Samaritan want to help a Jew?  Yet the Samaritan helped a Jewish man that was a robbery victim.  He even paid for his care at an inn.  A priest and a Levite, two men that should have cared about the man, passed him by.  They didn’t act like his neighbor while the Samaritan did.  In a world that is full of people that hate other people, if we loved everyone to the same degree as we loved ourselves, everyone would love one another.  

     Some philosophies are based on false information.  Socialism and Marxism are such philosophies.  Socialism is based on the philosophy that all people should be equal and share equally with all people and there will be an abundance of everything.  What people don’t want to take into consideration is human nature and abilities people have or don’t have.  Some people have the ability to make a lot of money.  Some people are smarter and more capable than other people.  Socialism has hurt millions of people while Capitalism has helped billions of people.  If all people acted like Jesus wanted them to act, we wouldn’t have Socialism.  We would have something I would call Beneficialism.  People use their abilities to benefit as many people as possible.  People can become rich and aren’t penalized for having that ability.  They willfully share from their abundance with others.  Liberals of the late 19th century like John D. Rockefeller, Carnegie, and J. P. Morgan gave from their abundance to help society.  This was before income tax which allows people to benefit from charity with a reduction of taxes.  Some of the richest people in America gave from their wealth in an effort to brag about how rich they were which allowed them to give the money away.  

     Marxism is another philosophy which is a brutal form of Socialism which requires the state to control the economy and how people live.  It also doesn’t take into consideration human nature.  People normally don’t want others to control them; especially not the government.  Marxism is against the belief in the existence of God.  It is a philosophy based on hate.  

     If you want to be a philosopher, base what you believe on what can be proven.  If you base your philosophy on Godly faith, something that might not be physically provable, it had better be based on Biblical principles and not human logic.  It should be a philosophy worth dying for.  If you develop a philosophy, you should be expected to live by it too or at least aspire to live by it.  

     Too many philosophies are what I would call “low bar” philosophies.  IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT.  IF IT DON’T, DON’T DO IT.  That is the philosophy of drinkers, gamblers, and people that enjoy sexual exploits.  They are also gamers, gluttons, risk-takers, and couch potatoes.  

     If you want to have a philosophy for life, don’t make it as easy as rolling out of bed in the morning.  Have standards that people can admire.  My philosophy for life is LIVE THE WAY CHRIST WANTS Y0U TO LIVE.  You don’t have to be perfect; just wiling to have God make you perfect through faith in Christ to be your Savior. That is a great philosophy for life with the reward of living forever in Heaven.  

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